Bathtime with Baby

Bathtime is a great way to calm a grizzly and restless wee babe. Usually we bath Olive every two nights but lately she has been super grouchy so we have bathed her more often to see if it helps. 
We have a bedtime routine (I know some mothers don't like that word- but I'm pretty partial to it.) in our house. When Sebastian gets home from work, him and Olive have a cuddle whilst we catch up on each others days. Then we get the bath things ready and bath our little lady together as a family.
Sebastian runs Olive's bath whilst I get her out of her clothes. We always play 'surf' radio at bathtime and Olive seems to like it... or maybe she just loves the sound of music in general and splashing her chubby smooth legs and tiny toes in the water to it! I add a small amount of Little Butterfly's 'Floating on Clouds' Bedtime Bath Milk* for the soothing scent and calming aromas. It's purely organic and there is no need to wash our little lady with any other products as this is enough for her delicate baby skin. The smell is just pure bliss too! 
When she was a few weeks old we only used organic coconut oil so this is a perfect alternative from that as we aren't fans of the big branded lotions and potions... or any lotions or potions actually as these tiny perfect babies don't need any of that.
We wash Olive's smooth skin with the milky water and a natural sponge and then we let her have a splash before drying her and putting her bed clothes on. Sebastian always brushes her fine hair too which she loves (just like me!).
Once she's all squeaky clean and in her bed clothes Olive and I will go downstairs to the bedroom whilst Sebastian tidies up and then kindly cooks our dinner. Olive and I will play for a little while on the bed with just the lamp and fairylights on and then we read a book. We usually read 'Guess how much I love you' or 'The Foxes socks' or 'Peter Rabbit' (ofcourse!). I turn the lamp off and we snuggle up together and she has her last feed before giving me a nice loud burp (sometimes) and snoozing on my shoulder. I give her a little several kisses on her soft, fresh smelling forehead and zip her up in her sleeping bag and she settles in her cotbed for the night.
As previously mentioned, Olive loves her sleep and usually sleeps through the night but sometimes she has her 'off' days. I find a lovely soothing bath or a little baby massage usually helps. These Little Butterfly London products have easily become my top favourite baby essentials. Not only are they Organic-Certified, they smell gorgeous and leave Olive's delicate skin perfectly smooth. And ofcourse the packaging is just so pretty- a definite 'leave out on show' type of bottle!
I will be using the 'Fall into Dreams' Mother & Baby massage Oil in our baby massage classes that are scheduled to start in a few weeks. And hopefully convince Sebastian to give this Mama a shoulder rub with it. It smells perfect- I am a sucker for rosehip! I am also looking into buying the Nappy cream- Even though I do actually believe that Sudocrem is in fact the Wonder Cream! I would like an organic alternative to use too.

Do you have a bedtime routine? Does your little babe love bathtime as much as Olive? Do you listen to music whilst splashing?


  1. In terms of nappy cream, I use the Weleda calendula nappy cream (I don't have a baby but I use it on myself for everything, soothing shaving bumps, on spots, whatever!). It is very soothing and has a strange herbal sort of smell that is quite nice :)

  2. Olive May is adorable! May she be safe and healthy :)


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