On Friday the weather was gorgeous. The sunshine was out, the wind was down and the chill was a little bit warmer. It called for a little walk.
Olive and I spent the morning curled up in bed talking to one another, nibbling fruit toast (me) and generally hanging out until we decided to get up and dressed for the day. Olive hadn't slept too well the night before so I was feeling pretty zombie-fied so after a quick shower, whilst Olive napped, it was time for another tea.
My dear friend Emma popped over late morning to meet Olive and to catch up. She came with pretty gifts- flowers for me and a cute bunny in a floral outfit for Olive. My house has been filled with flowers since Olive's arrival... I love it! Sebastian not so much- sets his sneezes off! Oops.
After we caught up over a hot tea, Emma left to go to work. After a feed, Olive napped for a bit and I got everything ready for the walk and then had some lunch. Then my Papa called. He was popping over in his lunch break to visit us. Olive had her grumpy face on and not even Gramps tickles and swaying could help. We had a cup of tea, briefly caught up and then we walked into town with Papa. He pushed Olive and I nipped into M&S to buy bread and chocolate before saying goodbye to Papa and heading to the park to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air further.
Olive remained asleep whilst I sat on a bench and enjoyed the peace that surrounded us. It was blissful and in that short amount of time sitting in the park I started to look forward to the warmer months. Sitting in my sister's garden, going on long walks and having picnics with our little family.
We headed home and snuggled up together on the sofa and watched Aristocats... though Olive fell asleep and I ended up watching it on my own.
Then it was time for my best to arrive. We had plans that evening which meant Sebastian was on Daddy duty all night. My first night out in ages... and I'm talking about way before Olive was even born! I am such an old lady!
As soon as Sebastian got home from work, Suz and I left for our evening. We browsed a few shops and made some last minute Mother's Day purchases before getting a table at Wagamama's. The last Wagamama I had was the week after my due date and I was so uncomfortable we got it to take away, sitting in my living room eating our feast by Christmas tree light.
It was such a lovely meal, it will be one of my last for a while as I have to cut back with the spending... unless it's for Olive... or for biscuits. So I went all out and got three plates of deliciousness and some green tea. Once we couldn't fit anything else in our tummies we went for a little drink.
I know I know, I'm breastfeeding how awful- but it was just one and I couldn't even finish it! We chatted about childbirth, breastfeeding, going out (or not going out in my case) - you know the normal things girls our age talk about! haha.
When I got home, I found my two favourites asleep. Olive was in her bedtime sleepsuit and tucked up in her sleeping bag in her cot, whilst Sebastian was napping on the bed- cute alert! And I was so ready to tell him off for not having the baby monitor with him- oops!
I had such a lovely night with my bestest, time to be just Charlotte. But was so excited to see my lovely little family at the end of it. Even if they were sleeping!
Oh, I have started using Snapchat again... I forgot it was so addictive. For cute short videos of little Olive and daily snaps of blooms and tea, you can find me via 'TTDER'.


  1. Friyay indeed - looks like you had the perfect day! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. So good that you had a night off and could eat, chat and relax on your own. Surely drinking whilst breast feeding isn't particularly harmful? It's not like you went crazy and got really drunk! You deserve a night off to relax! Alice xx

  3. How cute is Olive though?!

    And this has just made me realised I STILL haven't tried katsu curry... I may have to rectify that soon!

    Zoe xoxo

  4. This sounds like a lovely day and gorgeous weather too...Spring and warm weather is so close now!


  5. oh how lovely! i just want to squeeze Olive! i'm so glad spring is on it's way! more days like this i hope xx

  6. Yay for having Mama time! Don't feel guilty about having a little drink, apparently we're allowed one! I finished off a glass of my Mum's prosecco at the weekend and it made me feel sick, I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to drinking regularly again.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama


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