Les petites choses

Lately I have been feeling very grateful. So I thought I would document it here, so when I'm having a wee grey day I can look back and cheer myself up.

-- Spending lots of time with my Mama. Whilst Sebastian was away she cooked lots of delicious dinners for us whilst I entertained and fed Olive before she went to sleep for the night. We also spent some girly time together at the weekend and shopped for pretty things.

-- Having Sebastian home. He went snowboarding with his friend for 5 days and eventhough we had Mama visit us every day we did miss him. We have had lots of cuddles and spent lots of time together to make up for it.

-- Daffodils. Well they are bright, yellow and generally cheery flowers aren't they? Having them on my tiny kitchen table brightens my morning.
-- A tidy kitchen. Speaking of Daffodils on my kitchen table, I managed to find a home for Olive's bottles/express pump kit etc. These were all in the original box on the table since we opened it all those weeks ago. It is so nice to be able to sit and have breakfast at the kitchen table again, listening to radio 2 and sipping a hot cup of tea whilst Olive snoozes in the room next door.

-- Hot cross buns/ fruit toast. Oh my, I love this stuff. I am SO SO hungry all the time at the moment- must be the breastfeeding (or so I keep telling myself!) and this is a great alternative to all the biscuits!

-- Hot cups of tea. Being a new mama I have had a lot of cold cups of tea but lately I have been lucky enough to drink the majority of them hot!
-- Olive. Well she is just a wonderful little lady. She brings joy to my day, her smiles and coos and our little chats are just wonderful.

-- Sleep. I am so so lucky and appreciative of the fact my 12 week old baby sleeps through the night. I know it may change at any time and I'm making the most of every evening I get to spend with my husband and all the wonderful blocks of sleep she gives me whilst she sweetly dreams of milky baths, milky milkshakes and that leek toy!

-- Spring. It's definitely trying to brighten up out there. The warm and bright sun shining into the house in the mornings are really something. They are making me look forward to warmer days. Oh and the pink blossom on the twigs of trees.

-- Housework. Now Olive is self soothing and much more animated I am able to get on with basic housework tasks like washing up, cleaning, washing and ironing and it feels like such an achievement!

It's the little things like these that make me appreciate life more. 
When you're feeling a little grey or foggy why don't you write a list of a few little things that have brightened your day? They may only seem small but they are so so effective. I favour a simple life and the slow living method so these little things are really much bigger.


  1. Lovely, happy post. I document the little things that make me smile too. Keeps you grateful & great to re-read when you're feeling down. Keep smiling 😀Nicky (

  2. That is truly amazing that she sleeps all night! Luna is now 13 months and we've never had all night. She still wakes up every 3/4 hours. Definitely a lovely list to look back on during the bad days xxxx

  3. Hot cross buns are my obsession at the moment, I can't get enough!! Which is probably not the best thing, I'm sure they're not that great for you, but Easter food is the best! Your posts and photos of Olive make me so broody. I'm not planning to have my own any time soon, but it sure does make me want one! Alice xx

  4. I love reading the little things that people enjoy, it never fails to make me smile! It's the small things in life that you should appreciate.



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