Life Lately

Lately life has been hectic. I haven't been this social since my early twenties- I'm talking university life! So many visitors, so many cups of tea, so many coffee date catch ups, so many family pop-ins, so many new mama/baby meet ups. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love it. However when I caught the sneezes and sniffles this week it was quite nice not having to do anything- though I did have to cancel a few things.
Spending every day hanging out with this one brings me lots of joy. She is a bundle of cuteness. Her coos and grins and even when she's sick all over me it warms my heart. She has really been grabbing things over the last few weeks. Playing with her toys and really looking at different patterns and textures, she is such a good learner. She is so strong too. Even her sleeping pattern seems practiced! I am so proud and astonished at how well she is doing and how easy it seems to happen. Olive is such a peach and I am such a proud Mama!
 ^^^ Oh and can we just appreciate how cute it is when Olive sucks her thumb!
The weather lately has been up and down. One minute it's gorgeous sunshine- park worthy and the next it's absolutely 'chucking buckets' and gloomy and grey! I just don't get this time of year. It's like it can't make up it's mind. According to the weatherman it is meant to snow over the Easter holidays... Now that wouldn't be the first snowy Easter we have had! Easter egg hunt anyone??!
So I have been having hot porridge on those cold days. Topped with a dollop (or two) of Bounty spread- literally the yummiest thing, a milky and cocount spread, and a sprinkling of blueberries. Accompanied by a hot cup of tea of course.
I have also been caching sleep in, though I should go to bed a little earlier to get more but I seem to be getting around 8 hours a night though Olive likes to sleep about 11-12 hours per night lately (touch wood it sticks!). I feel like a new woman. Some mornings I have to wake her up. She obviously likes her sleep, bless her. And such a gorgeous sleeper she is too. I have heard her sucking her thumb in the night too- soothing herself back to sleep perhaps. Such a clever girl.
As previously mentioned, Sebastian is away today until late on Tuesday so my Mama is coming over to play. We will spend most of the weekend together and in the evenings after she finishes work. As she has been poorly with the sick bug we haven't seen her in over 2 weeks- this is a long time for us so we can't wait!!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. So glad that you and your precious baby girl seem so happy! It's contagious- I always walk away from these posts with a smile on my face! xx Marnie

  2. She's so beautiful :) Lovely post xx

  3. She is absolutely beautiful! I can see why she brings you so much joy! Sorry you've been feeling a bit under the weather lately but it is a good excuse to slow down for a bit!


  4. Olive is absolutely gorgeous, and such a clever girl! I saw your picture of her holding herself up, that is amazing!

    Good luck being on your own for a few days, I honestly think I'd be going a liiiiiittle crazy by the end of it. You've obviously got a lot of good people around you though :)

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  5. Can't believe how beautiful and big she is.

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. How wonderful that she's sleeping well! She seems like a very clever and lovely little girl. And it sounds like you've had a great time lately with all those visits and meet-ups! Hope your cold gets better soon :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  7. Beautiful baby!!! :)) I love the toy :D So cute!

  8. Porridge and coconut sounds amazing, don't know why I've never thoughts of this before! Olive looks like such a cutie.

    The Little Things | Louise x


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