MiniTTDER wears

As previously mentioned, I no longer buy clothes for myself- it is all about little lady Olive. I just cannot help myself. The selection out there is incredible and I swear the kids ranges change more often than 'grown up' wear!
I have noticed that some of the other little girls in our NCT group have been sporting similar/the same pieces that Olive has (not at the same time thankfully!) so I thought it was time to look beyond my three favourite shops.
Now these gorgeous cactus print leggings* from Billieblush at House of Fraser I know the other little girls do not have. Splashes of neon pink are kind of a guilty pleasure of mine as well as beautiful illustrations so this pair of leggings is everything I could dream of. I kind of want some in my size (what's new!?!).
The bright colours make a nice change to the usual pastel, floral theme that adorn Olive's wardrobe and they certainly caught her eye. Teaming these with a basic pale pink long sleeved bodysuit to match the pale pink on the bottoms is perfect for the surprisingly warm Spring days we have being having.
But for those not-so-warm moments when the sun hides behind fluffy clouds, Olive has been snuggled in this cute Monsoon Jacket*, also from House of Fraser. So not only is it absolutely beautiful, it is reversible! I repeat, REVERSIBLE! I love the brightly coloured floral and powder blue polka dot pattern. The pastel pink and white pattern on the reverse is so pretty too. Both sides are just perfect for Spring and early Summer.
I love the trim. It is so lovely and soft and I caught little Olive sucking on the edge of the hood earlier today. She has a thing with textures lately. And patterns. I will sometimes watch her intensely inspecting her patterned muslin cloths, clothes and cushions. Funny little things.
I really like that this jacket will go with all of Olive's outfits. I am also really appreciating the fact that I can turn the jacket inside out if she happens to get sick down the front and we're out at the time. Why aren't all babies clothes designed this way!?!
I feel pretty confident in saying that I think Olive loves her brightly coloured jacket and leggings too. We have had so many comments on her jacket already and she only started wearing it this week. I will definitely be shopping for MiniTTDER in House of Fraser again.

Apart from the obvious, can you recommend any other stores for baby clothes that perhaps we wouldn't usually think of? I am pretty sure I have the whole of M&S' range but would like to seek further.


  1. Mini Boden and Baby Joules are my absolute faves, however they definitely carry a 'little treat' price tag. There's a very cute shop in tenterden that does really unique clothing for little ones, but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called! Happy Shopping :) xx

  2. Those leggings are adorable. I second Mini Boden, not particularly cheap but usually always have offers on. Zara always has lovely baby bits, and not too badly priced. Can't really go wrong with Next and M&S for clothes either, but like you say nice to have some different bits as well xx


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