Mother's Day

As a new Mama I have found myself respecting my mother double the amount. Wow. How she did this job with lots of us I really have no idea- Hashtag Super Mum!!!
Not only do I admire her for that, she has also been an absolute rock for me during the first few weeks of motherhood. I have cried about 3 times in her arms either because I was having a meltdown or because she was kind enough to buy our Christmas dinner vegetables- yes- I was that hormonal! She has also been my 'go-to' when I notice something new with Olive. Because Mum's know everything right?! Yes. I have seen her lots more as well and I just think she's all round amazing.
So I really wanted to treat her this Mother's Day. I'm going to buy her a fresh bunch of springtime tulips as well as the little 'feel good' package I have made up for her.
This includes Gin & Tonic (her favourite) in cans along with pretty pastel straws, some Rose & Violet chocolate (just because!), Elderflower biscuit kisses, Nail Polish, some Crabtree & Evelyn treats and some Brilliant Inc diamonds*.

I know she's going to love her edibles, I like to include a delicious treat- who doesn't like receiving a can of bubbles and a bar of floral chocolate?! Also some time to paint her nails and some sparkles for her ears and neck! I just love this diamond set. The Emerald cut is so elegant and would suit my mother well as it's a classic. I'm more of a costume jewellery type but would love a special necklace, perhaps something cute and engraved.
I can't wait to see her, as she's been a little poorly this week. I really hope her pile of presents make her feel happy and loved because she really is loved. She has done a wonderful job with raising her NINE children and she's an awesome Nanny. Olive's face literally lights up when she visits and a few weeks ago she was grizzly all afternoon and just cooed and smiled at her!
I am really excited to have my first ever Mother's Day this year, however we don't have too much planned. I look forward to the days when Olive can tell Sebastian what to make me for breakfast and bring it to me in bed with flowers in a jar picked from the garden along with a drawing of scribbles and glitter glue! Oh so many exciting things to come.

What are you doing for Mother's Day?


  1. this is so sweet! i know your mom will love them! :)

    xoxo, rae


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