My First Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful first Mother's Day. My beautiful little girl slept for nearly 12 hours and let me have a decent amount of uninterrupted sleep and didn't wake until 8am. After I fed her etc she cooed loud enough to wake Sebastian and he got up and made me a cup of tea whilst Olive and I snuggled and played on the bed.
Sebastian took Olive and ushered me into the living room where I was greeted with the most wonderful bunting and pile of beautifully wrapped gifts and my favourite flowers.
I wasn't expecting anything like that, it was all so very thoughtful. Olive (Sebastian) picked out my favourite florals- tulips, accompanied by daffodils and hyacinth. They also got me some edible treats; chocolates and sweets, and some colouring books & pencils to help those 'frustrated moments'! And a new pair of rose gold sunglasses and a new nail polish for those 'Me' moments. Sebastian also wrote some pretty wonderful words in a card... in left handed to look as if it could have been written by a 3 year old Olive! So sweet.
After we managed to get little O off to sleep, Sebastian made us breakfast. Bacon and egg sandwiches with a glass (or two) of Bucks Fizz. Wow did I have the best morning. Even though I can get frustrated at Sebastian for not thinking about doing things he really does make up for it in other ways. He is so thoughtful and kind and generous and it really is the little things like that sweet card and thinking of getting bubbles for breakfast. He is such a sweet man.
After a deliciously packed sandwich and full tummies, we got ready as we planned to go to the seaside in the afternoon with his mother and brother. However the weather had started to go grey and cold and instead they popped in for tea, sweets and Olive cuddles instead.
I still haven't seen my mama yet as she was poorly... and typically now so am I (whoever gave this to me is going to get sneezed on... on purpose!!). However Sebastian is going away early on Friday morning for 5 days for a snowboarding trip with his friend, so I'm kind of hoping that I will see her then. Mama said she would at least come over in the evenings for dinner as that's the time where Olive is most restless. Also, Sebastian makes our dinners so I imagine cooking and tending to a restless babe would be pretty hard.
What did you get up to on Mother's Day? Did you hang out with your Mama, or perhaps you are a Mama and got a little spoilt too?

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  1. I haven't been on blogger in a while but just revisited and you were one of the first blogs I followed YEARS ago and now I see you had a baby! So exciting! Congrats!


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