The Art of Slow Living

We spent the weekend up in Norfolk for my close friend's wedding. It was wonderful. But the best part about the weekend was having no signal whatsoever and very poor wifi connection. Yes ofcourse I felt pretty 'put out' at first and by the end of it I was grateful. I got to enjoy a weekend trip away with my little family and I got to take every moment in of my dear friend's special day without the distraction of social media!
Our lovely room was a cabin style building with three special rooms, each with their own door, a luxe bathroom and an upstairs area. We also had access to our own private garden with gorgeous views. Apart from a kitchen, we had the essentials. Sebastian and I decided that we could live like this easily. No noisy sirens or busy roads, no gangs of naughty teens loitering on your front step discarding their cigarette ends over the path, no views of tall town buildings being made into flats, not filling every spare inch of each room with furniture and ornaments and 'things'. It was just the perfect realisation of a life we both want. A simple one.
I have dreamt of living in Scottish countrysides with spectacular views of mountains and tall forests for a while now. Weekend family adventures collecting wildflowers, pinecones and tree rubbings. Growing our own vegetables and sunflowers and tree swings in our garden. Watching birds feed from homemade seed balls hanging by string on twigs. Fresh laundry blowing in the country breezes on the washing line. Sitting cross-legged outside upon large blankets with hot cocoa and huddled together to keep warm whilst watching the sun set. Walking to the nearest village for fresh bread, the paper and ingredients to make a sweet pie for pudding. Pressing flowers and watching the rain fall upon the window pane.
I yearn for this. I am desperate for a life of simplicity and love and contentment. I don't want loads of money, bundles of clothes or a garage full of cars (perhaps one big family car, Sebastian's dream Harley and our collection of family bikes), baskets of toys and shelves of DVDs. 
I would like the smell of a casserole slowly cooking on the stove, a letterbox filled with handwritten notes from family and friends, a bookcase filled with books and dictionaries and an atlas, a pile of old board games and a pack of cards and a coffee table big enough to sit around and play them on by candle light, a woodburner for toasting marshmallows, a pile of blankets to snuggle under and a skylight in the bathroom so I can see the stars whilst I bathe in bubbles and a garden with enough space to grow fruit, vegetables and pretty flowers in and an area to sit and just be.

The simple life is all I want, it's all I see and I am going to try my darn hardest to get this.

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  1. Beautiful words. I feel the same but could not put it as elegantly as you :)) Who needs all of that other stuff; it's all unnecessary to happiness.

  2. I live on a farm down on the Romney Marsh and dedicate a certain amount of time to slow living. Its truely wonderful during the summer, the warmer weather allows you to make the most of acres of unspoilt land by going for walks to collect flowers, herbs and fruit. Living in the middle of nowhere means you can throw the doors open, put on some chilled music and lounge in the garden. You can cook and pack a picnic, jump on your bike and dissapear for the day along the country lanes or you could make yourself useful round the farm and jump in a tractor or help with the animals. But in winter I'm not gonna lie, it can be pretty grim. Living in a house which relies on a rayburn for warmth can be very cold and sometimes you have hot water, sometimes you dont't!! MUD, mud everywhere!!! Old roofs tend to leak which means you play dodge the drip bowls on a regular basis during wet weeks. There are pros and cons but overall, slow living is something I think everyone should make time for now and again, its good for the soul and makes you appreciate the very simple things .


  3. Your a girl after my own heart. Beautiful post! I long to live in Scottish Highlands surrounded by a wilderness that seems to be untouched by man. x

  4. This is such a beautiful post. You just more or less described my dream life. Of course it wouldn't always be so magical, but I long for the countryside.

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  5. What a lovely post! I feel calmer and more serene just after reading it!! I have to confess I'm a real city girl, but sometimes I feel a yearning for the countryside and a quieter life too. Miranda xxx http://mirandasnotebook.com/

  6. I have always lived in the countryside and I can't imagine not. I long to live by the sea for all of the wonderful reasons listed above! Such alovely words! Alice xx


  7. Beautiful in every way. I strive for this too - and at moment's feel I am half way there. Your blog is a very special creation. So glad to have found it. Xxx Thank you.
    millymayamelia.com ~ 23millymay25.blogspot.co.uk

  8. You have just summed up my ideal home and lifestyle! :) Do you ever watch Escape to the Country? I often yearn to move to lots of the areas they mention in the show! x


  9. I totally agree with you in absolutely every way! I feel like this whenever I go back to Norfolk. There's a real contentment in maintaining your own 'bubble' and having total control on what you let in and let out. I always feel a bit blue when I come back to London for the first few days after being at home.
    I'm glad Norfolk gave you a nice sense of clarity :)

  10. Good for you. We escaped the city and the corporate life two years ago. No amount of money could ever make me go back. Last night we slept with the windows open. The air was cool and clean. The only sound the rustling of the leaves. Heavenly

  11. This is beautiful. Sounds idyllic.

  12. Your photos are so beautiful! And I love the way you write! It sounds so lovely! :) I always love escaping and finding calm places
    x Kenzie

  13. This is lovely. I feel like this a lot too, although I'm not sure I'm quite ready to give up the city just yet. A nice holiday home in the country would do just fine!

    Nina - www.wordsbynina.com


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