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Olive Mae, 4 months (17 weeks):: Olive is officially in her 3-6 month clothes and it makes me terribly sad. Here's hoping we are fortunate to have another little girl so I can get some more use out of the little outfits. ...Though I am sure I will want to buy new things as I feel like this now. The upside of growing is that Olive has some beautiful outfits to wear. Lots of little dresses and her tights now actually fit her, Hurrah!
Also this week, Lady O has been a grizzly teething babe but has also found the time to giggle! Yes, giggle!! It may have just been my ridiculous singing or jumping on the bed whilst cross-legged that did it. It has been a long time since she giggled in her sleep all those weeks ago. It is my most favourite sound. I may have wept a little. Maybe.

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