Motivational Monday #32

The simple life and 'slow living' has taken over a lot of space in my head over the past few weeks and I am eager for it to begin.
I have decided to take part in The Minimalist Game this April. Which means you must rifle through your home and decide what 'things' are actually important to you. So on the 1st of April I departed with one item, on the 2nd I departed with two and on the third it was three. It is simple. Yes. However when I get to double figures I am sure it will take some proper clear out skills... which I am so ready for. This time of year is all about the Spring cleaning after all.
I hope this exercise helps me to realise how things are JUST things and I can learn to let go of them. I have memories and precious photographs and those type of 'things' are priceless.

Who else is taking part in the challenge? I might do a round up post at the end of the month to show you how successful/easy/hard it was.


  1. I am not taking part in this challenge mainly as I live to keep hold of stuff but it will be interesting to read how you get on!

  2. Massive respect to you for doing this! I do need to have a clear out and although I could probably handle the first few days of the challenge, I think I'd struggle when it gets to double figures! x

  3. This sounds really hard, but amazing! Good luck :)

  4. Sounds interesting! I try to have regular clear outs and it always feels really good. It's amazing how much crap we keep hold of. Good luck!

    Nina -


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