Springtime clear out

April is very much been living up to it's name "April Showers" which has given me a lot of time to sort through my things.
I mentioned before that I was taking part in The Minimalist Game this month and so far it's been a success. During the process I found a huge bag of pretty clothes with a post-it attached labelled 'eBay'. What perfect timing.
I have been putting the pile of clothes up on eBay little by little, this way that huge bag doesn't seem so daunting and becomes a much more manageable task. If you fancy adding any pretty sheer blouses, printed tops or heart-shaped pockets on skirts then please do take a peek on my page, here.

I have always found it hard when it comes to giving my wardrobe a good clear out. Over the past few years I have learnt that I become too attached to things especially clothes. They just ooze memories of university life, summer park days or moments in my cottage family home in the countryside. They are my memories.
However, learning to become less attached and a healthy amount of minimal has given me a whole new outlook on everything, on life in general. As well as closing a wonderful chapter of my life and keeping it open at the new even better one.
If you want to add a Gemma Correll tee, a rose print top, a flamingo patterned blouse, sequined skirts or a few peter pan collared shirts then you have a few hours left. I will also be adding more throughout the month- free insertion fees (*high five emoji*). It is Spring after all- 'tis the season to clean/clear/tidy!
I forgot to mention also that we're hoping to move soon too so this will be so so helpful in the clearing out/packing stage as well as towards deposit and cleaning etc. Every little helps!
I am hoping to add some pieces of costume jewellery, sandals and other treasures too. So please keep checking. Have you been having a good Spring clean too?


  1. I started cleaning out this weekend! The end of the school year is quickly approaching, so I'm trying to minimize my loads and save space for summer storage :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I'm due a good clear out soon, need to have a little eBay session of my own. Adore you skirt with the little heart pockets. So very, very cute. x

  3. Selling clothes on ebay doesn't seem to be the same. It seems people are not bidding much, I sold a lot of stuff on starting price or did not sell at all. I had much better results a couple years ago


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