19/52, 20/52 & 21/52

Oops... I am slacking a little on the blog front. Wait, let me change that to the 'every day tasks' front. Basically life. I am slacking on the life front! My days and begrudgingly my nights again now too are completely taken up with Motherhood. Which to be fair should be.
Anyway. Here are snaps for week 19, 20 and this week, 21 of the 52 week project. Is it me or is this year just slipping away from us already?

A weekly portrait, once a week for a year
Olive Mae, 20 weeks old:: So the sleepless nights have creeped in again. Perhaps it's this so-called 'sleep regression', perhaps it's her teething, perhaps she is a light sleeper, perhaps she just wants to play, perhaps it's all the above and more. Sometimes she wants feeding and other times she just wants a cuddle with her mama. I am tired exhausted! This 4/5 month stage is quite possible the hardest stage to date. Those newborn days were easier because I knew I would basically be awake day and night but no night is the same these days. Le sigh. I know it will get easier.

Olive Mae, 5 months (How??):: The sleepless nights have gotten worse. We are talking every hour or two awake! My body, my brain, my everything- tired. It had gotten so bad that Sebastian sleeps in the spare room Sunday-Thursday!

(photo by Sebastian)
Olive Mae, 22 weeks:: We started weaning on Monday (I think I'll talk weaning more in depth in a separate post). The first thing we tried was banana. The gorgeous little lady wasn't so sure at first, squinting and shuddering and the like. It was the cutest thing.
Oh sleep update: We had a few good nights for sleep this week. She may have a new routine but if she sleeps (& gives me) 5-6 hours in a row I am happy (and functional!).

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  1. Firstly yes, it's insane how quickly time is flying...June next week and then Christmas!!

    I remember my sisters kids being the same but I use to go around in the day when I cold so she could grab an hour or so sleep. Maybe family/friends could do this for you?


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