If you go down to the woods today...

...You're sure of a big surprise. A sea of deep purple, a sky of fluffy blues and twigs adorning pastel pinks. There is no denying it, Spring is my absolute favourite (remind me of this when I am declaring my love for Winter!). Summer is just right behind us and we look forward to constant warm sandal weather, ice cream cones and picnics in the park but first let's remind ourselves of the sweet Spring we have been blessed with.
One day in particular. It was a warm day so Olive and I made some cheese sandwiches, grabbed my dear friend, Emma and we took to Kingswood for the morning. Wandering under the twigged archways through the blue sea of sweet smelling bluebells and appreciating nature at it's finest. 
Whilst looking for the perfect spot to nibble on our sandwiches, we stumbled upon the quaintest little cottage. It looked out onto it's very own private Bluebell wood and sat perfectly under twiglets of puffy pastel pink blossom. Surrounded by yellow flowers and lemon coloured daffodils it looked like a memory I had of a book that I read as a little girl. A cottage of dreams.
As a little girl I dreamed of living deep into the countryside in the cutest chocolate box cottage with a garden that flowed all around it. A sunroom attached for those dozy days to read or stitch. Garden borders filled with vibrant roses and dainty wisteria pouring over a wooden trellis. White ice cream parlour garden furniture for early morning breakfasts and lunch time homemade iced lemonades. -I know I am a 90 year old really!
I have been thinking about the future alot lately and I am excited. I cannot wait for family outings when Olive is old enough to really understand and get involved, picking up pine cones and pointing out wild flowers. Going to nature reserves, walks along the seafront for ice creams, playing in the sand at the beach and building moats and castles. Collecting shells and wearing jelly shoes (obviously!). Taking a trip to small village towns for a lb of sherberts and a newspaper. Woodland walks and climbing trees. Life is going to get a whole lot better and I cannot wait.

What have your favourite moment/s of Spring been?


  1. This filled me with happiness reading this lovely post, and your countryside adventures with your little one and good friend. I am able to experience these sorts of days with my dear nephew who is now at the age in which we can enjoy all the things you are looking forward to sharing with your beautiful daughter. Such lovely photos. Thank you for sharing this. Xx Best wishes

    Keep Calm and start writing

  2. Awwww what a beautiful little spot! So jealous of the person/persons that live in that little cottage. I can seriously imagine the three bears living there!

  3. What a stunning place, especially the forest with all those blue flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful day. I loved my city living but views like this make me appreciate and love why I moved to the countryside.


  5. My gosh what an absolutely dreamy place... those flower lined woodlands.. incredible! What a happy thought filled post!

    Becky | A Rosy Disposition


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