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Olive Mae, 23 weeks old:: Olive has been sleeping alot better lately until a few nights ago when she finally learnt to roll on to her front! She has been able to roll from front to her back for quite a while now but finally she can do both. However the first ever time she did was during the night and she got stuck, therefore waking herself up... and me! She is such a little wriggler anyway and some mornings she will be back to front upside down in the cot!! Pickle.
This photo was taken instantly after she had rolled over. Sebastian and I were eating our dinner and BOOM all of a sudden she was like this. Her face was so cute and hilarious- utter shock! Bless her.


  1. She is the cutest little thing! I'm not looking forward to Ada being able to roll from her back to front, although I have a feeling it could be any day now, I keep waking at 2am to hear her reaching out for the bars of her cot, bashing her hands along it! Naughty ladies xoxo

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