A weekly portrait, once a week for a year.

Olive, 24 weeks old:: I have such a chatterbox for a daughter. She is squealing and 'Mamama'-ing like a 'proper' baby now. It's just so very cute. Olive is sitting up independently much better this week, though when she loses balance and then 'thud' she has such a worried/surprised face- it slightly breaks my heart but I have to not freak out as it is a learning experience for her... and probably 'hurts' me more than it does her (Even I'm learning to be brave!).
Olive's first tooth has popped through this week too. She is growing far too fast!

** caption for photo?!! "Peekaboo" ...or "Here's Johnny!" **

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  1. So lovely with the sweetest smile xx :)
    I remember that stage with my dear nephew!

    Keep Calm and start writing


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