A long Bank Holiday weekend

I had the most wonderful weekend last week. It was a lovely long one thanks to the Bank Holiday Monday. Olive and I spent the whole entire weekend with Sebastian and it was the most loveliest time together in a long while.
We had no set plans. We got up early-ish on Saturday and had our usual wander around town to pick up a few things and stock up on vegetables from the market, and to have a little family coffee date. Olive slept through it again, I really look forward to the day she is old enough to sit at the table with us and have a cup of milk with a handful of my blueberry muffin.
Sebastian being the ultra cutie he is told the Starbucks lady to write 'Mother' and 'Father' on our cups which made my heart melt... because I am a walking cliche when it comes to all things romantic! After our special coffee date, we bought dinner for the evening and walked home. We spent the evening having Olive snuggles, gazing at the gorgeous pastel sunset, watching a film and chatting about life by candle light.
Sunday & Monday were very much the same. We had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and on Monday Sebastian made me a bacon & egg sandwich IN BED! Woah major Husband points here. 
On Sunday we enjoyed a slow morning, Olive and I played in the living room whilst Sebastian cooked the Roast dinner. We actually ate it at lunch time for a change, this makes us 'actual grown ups' now right?! In the evening after bathing Olive and gazing at the glorious sunset, we had triangle sandwiches (because we can't ALWAYS be grown ups!) followed by a game of Scrabble.

We spent both days relaxing and enjoying eachother's company and our dear little family. Snuggling up with eachother and listening to Olive's adorable giggle, laughing at me laughing at her and experiencing these moments together are my most favourite.

How did you spend your Bank Holiday weekend?


  1. Lovely post Charlotte. :) We went back to Norfolk for the bank holiday and spent a large portion of it on a blustery beach, where we established a camp with lots of windbreakers and grumbled about the cold. Very stereotypically English!

  2. Your roast at lunchtime comment made me chuckle. It's so true though- if I manage to have a roast ready and we're eating by 3 I feel like I'm adulting properly.


  3. Awww at the 'Mother' and 'Father' cups! :)


*Forever Love*