Cosy Living

Well June greeted us with a big gloomy grey wash of misery didn't it?! Luckily for me Olive and I had a few days planned for being at home and chilling/ catching up on sleep (Olive)/ play.
Both days we snuggled up together in the living room, with a little music on quietly in the background and the candles lit. Nothing is more cosy than a couple of candles flickering on the mantel, fairylights twinkling and thick socks. I know I am talking as if it was the middle of November... but seriously the weather outside was so grey and ridiculously windy (and rain!) it genuinely felt like we skipped Summer completely.
My new favourite candle to have flickering on in the day especially is this gorgeous Heather & Hay scented candle by Plum & Ashby. It really does smell like Scottish moorland, it is basically my dream in candle form. Highlights of Bluebell, Heather and English Rose mixed with the earthy woodland and Hay scents create the perfect mix for me. It smells like what I imagine my garden would smell like (if I had one!) in the early Summer.
I had the candles going until long through the evening and when I walked into the living room in the morning, I could still smell it. It was wonderful!
I adore the packaging too. The sleek, simple and elegant design is all it needs as the scent speaks for itself. There are six in the collection and I am desperate to smell the Pomegranate as I am sure that just smells heavenly, fruity and fresh.
I am a recent fan of this brand actually, they do so many other pretty things. I love the sound of their bath & body products and the beautiful blankets look so cosy. Oh and ofcourse they have a whole dog themed section... if you're a pup fan!
Have you heard of Plum & Ashby? Go and have a little peek at their lovely website filled with home and gifts.


  1. Never heard of Plum & Ashby before, but it was definitely a good surprise. Their navy striped bags are adorable. Great post, Charlotte :)

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