June Goals

It's now June, and it feels like Summer is over before it has even begun. I currently have the heating on to give the house a quick burst of warmth before snuggling under the blanket on the sofa with little Olive. The candles are flickering on the mantel and the record player is quietly buzzing to the sound of Frank.
It really does feel like October!

Anyway, May felt like such a blur and though it was fun, I HAVE to pull my life together and bring organisation to it. Otherwise I may just go a little mad and reset to 'robot' mode.

Self::   Create // Motivation // Relax
This month I HAVE to put some time aside of being a busy Mama to being Charlotte. I have accepted that having some 'me' time is a luxury and actually being a Mother to Olive is very important and is my number one priority. So in the evening instead of doing that never-ending mountain of ironing or watching a film with Sebastian, I am going to take myself to the spare room and sit at my desk. Finally crack on with some of the things on my to do list.
I am also desperate for a hair appointment but am struggling to decide on what to have done colour wise. I have been trying for grey for so long and we're very nearly there but there is too much maintenance that goes into it.. I was thinking about a style that I can get away with not having my roots done every 8/10 weeks... but still having the majority of it grey. Hmm. Thoughts?

Home::   Clear out // Clean // Tidy
We have decided to stay here in the town house for a bit longer, or until the perfect alternative pops up. Which means checking every day for any new properties but being happy where we are in the mean time. I think a trip to the hardware store for a couple of pots of paint will definitely make me happier. I would also quite like to get some frames for photos and prints to put up.
We also have a loft FULL of 'stuff' so we have a weekend planned this month to sit and properly go through everything and arrange a couple of trips to the tip and charity shop. The thought of having less really does make my heart feel better.

Work::   Be Inspired // Time out // DO!
This also links to the above- having some Charlotte time. I have a very important project sitting on my desk that I NEED to get on with, but there is absolutely no time during the day with a pretty little lady to look after. So I will need to spend some time hidden away on my own to get started. I am so excited and need a little inspiration, sitting at my quiet desk will surely give me just that.
I do have a few things to get on with, including re-opening my shop and finding time to work on some new ideas as well as glue my bottom to the sewing machine (or the seat rather!).

Along with all that, Olive has more play dates planned and hopefully the sun will stay out long enough for us to sit in the park and play outside. We shall see.
What do you have planned for June?


  1. I'm with you on the Home goals - I'm Starting a much needed clear out tonight.
    Sounds like you really need some me time. Book a hair appointment and have a pamper day :) and good luck with your project
    x tink Jayne lifestyle x

  2. Good luck with your June goals. Yeah *stuff* where does it come from? All I know is one minute it isn't there and then the next!?! Pace yourself!! ;)

  3. What a cosy intro! I love these goals and how you've divided them up. It sounds like this is a really special and exciting time for you. I hope you have fun achieving these goals! Monica xx

  4. Goodluck with your goals; I completely agree with the have time for yourself goal. I mean, I don't have children, but I believe everyone needs to look out for themselves at one point or another. We're all individuals with hopes and dreams and you need to work on them as much as it's good to help others. It's kind of therapeutic to me. I've got some clearing out to do when I get back to England as well, it's the downside to my short return but it's got to be done and I'll feel so much better afterwards. Have a wonderful June.


  5. Having a clear out in the home feels soo good. I'm planning to pop a load of things on eBay to make some room and hopefully get a fair few pennies.
    We have decided to stay put in our house for a while so we have plans to sort out the back garden and do some painting inside soon! x


*Forever Love*