May moments || Another month gone

I am still feeling hard done by that time is whizzing past and there isn't a thing we can do to slow it down. I suppose sitting in an empty room on our own staring at a wall could help... but that's just silly. ANYWAY...
May has been good us. We have had gorgeous Summer-like weather wearing sandals through the park. We have had lighter evenings making us feel like we have a little bit more of a life after working hours. We have had fun.
The beautiful MRS Jenny came to stay at the beginning of the month and it was the loveliest weekend. We spent Saturday eating fruit toast, cheese sandwiches and sipping caramelattes whilst wandering around town. Followed by an evening of snacks and Eurovision- I am talking score sheets and everything!
Sunday was a super chilled one, so much so that we all stayed in our pyjamas until noon! Suz came to play in the morning bringing much needed coffee with her and we enjoyed croissants and fruit on the floor with a game of scrabble. After Suz had gone and we watched Legally Blonde whilst having Olive snuggles it was time for my lovely friend to go. It was so lovely to catch up properly sans Wedding stress.
Not only has May brought sunshine but the rain too. I have spent numerous days in my rain mac (not complaining though!) but it hasn't stopped us sipping coffees outside as a family. Sebastian and I have viewed a handful of houses; some cute, some awful and some alright. Perhaps the timing is off but for now we shall settle here and I'm sure as we give a room or two a fresh lick of paint, the perfect house will come up. 'sod's law' right?!
Anyway, one must be happy with what they have in order to get what they want.
We have had an eventful month over here at the Turton-Wall household. Our little lady, Olive has been sleeping terribly and then wonderfully again, sitting up on her own with only a tiny amount of support, sitting in her new highchair, weaning (and LOVING it!) and touching her toes (which I am LOVING!). Clever little peach.
May has been the month of treats. Donuts, french fanices, fruit toast, banoffee pie cheesecake, pastries, Laduree macarons, white chocolate (new favourite!), rose dark chocolate, birthday cake, homemade scones. Oops! I am lucky that breastfeeding is helping me keep the weight off but I do really need to start stopping being so indulgent. It'll be hard but it HAS to happen. Help?!
Olive and I have had MANY play dates, Fairytale themed sensory classes, walks to town, house viewings, friend and family visits... and we are exhausted. I have noticed the difference in her when we are lucky to have a quiet day, she sleeps so much better when she has a more structured routine to her day. We have had such a relaxing weekend and we have both felt better for it. Well, she has slept brilliantly so I automatically feel bloomin' wonderful and more importantly functional
We have a glorious quiet week planned where we have our scheduled sensory class and a planned afternoon tea with our Mama/Baby friends from my NCT class. and THAT IS ALL
I need to start saying 'no' more and having a balanced week of play dates and home time. It will do us both the world of good to have a more structured week. I know things don't always go to plan but it's all about being organised with our plans. I have a habit of doing too much, cramming it all in and some weeks we are hardly at home. Olive likes her playmat and sleeps better/longer in her cot. We just need to find that happy medium.
How has your month been, what have you filled it with? Probably not as many treats as me, right?!


  1. Your photos are lovely! May was a really stressful for me. Thankfully, June I'm going on vacation to relax! <3

  2. It looks like you have had the loveliest month, and little Olive is coming along just perfectly x
    Sophie Cliff


*Forever Love*