Reality Check

After yesterday's news it has been all I can focus on. Whatever the outcome will be, it has potentially been decided. However, we can still hope, be positive, be passionate and focus on ourselves at the same time.
Near to midnight chats with my husband (seems to be an occurring pasttime lately!) brought me such a reality check... I have slipped. My positive outlook has fallen somewhat lately. I feel that 'having a good moan' has taken over (Twitter has evidence, before I go back and delete those bad vibes!). Since when did it become a regular thing that I focused on the negative. Over the past few years I have evolved into such a happier and more positive soul and lately it has dwindled somehow.
I easily get consumed by others. This needs to change. Reminding myself that positivity attracts positivity and same goes for the opposite. I have reminded myself of this after having a good ol whinge last night about the potential future of our country and people's decisions. People, friends in my life who love a good ol moan or drama are cramping my vibe and it's not good for my soul.
The best part of this last whinge to Sebastian yesterday was that I looked at him and made that realisation myself... I had become someone I worked so hard to no longer be (to an extent) and I refuse to be that person anymore.
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Perhaps it's worth checking your outlook from time to time to keep yourself in line. Do you want to be happy?- because only you can control that. YOU.

So only good vibes around here please! Happy Saturday!


  1. This was so succcinct and beautifully put. It's so easy to fall into the negative thinking trap sometimes but as a new mum you've had a lot of overwhelming days, so I'm sure you are on track to getting back to your positivity! It was lovely to read this xx

    Keep Calm and start writing ...

  2. I seem to fall in this trap very easily - it's so easy to do. Hope you have some luck with this :)

  3. This is such a good post and a gentle reminder to look towards calm in moments of tension. Recognising you can have a more positive thought is so important to wellbeing. Loved this! Monica x

  4. Absolutely! I'm so sensitive and very easily influenced by my environment and those around me, so I seem to fall quite easily into downward spirals of negative thinking. Positivity is something I have to work at every day but it's totally worth the effort. I too was really sad about yesterday's news but I truly believe the only way forward is with hope, optimism, kindness, compassion, strength and unity xx

  5. I've been working to stay positive myself lately after deciding that, after going through a bad time that lasted (I'm sad to say) a couple of years, I needed to finally change my way of thinking and take charge of my own happiness. The awful news set me back, but fortunately only a day. I was very angry, and I still feel sad about the decision, but it's out of my hands right now and today I got myself back on track. We can only make the best of what we've got! Hope you get back all your positivity :)

  6. I have been drafting a similar post myself. It's so easy to get sucked up in negativity, there is so much around us. It's a case of making that extra effort to break the spell x x x


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