"Throw glitter in today's face!"

Lately I have been asked of my opinion on things. Today I thought about all the energy I do not currently have to deal with everyone's seriousness.
The country is potentially in our hands (but we all know deep down we basically have no control over any decision post vote!) but all I can think about right this moment in time is the fact I have had hardly any sleep and somehow need to function for the day ahead*.
So, cheers to being ignorant, at least for today anyway... Let's celebrate with glitter.
Because when does glitter ever fail to cheer us all up!?! And in the words of Kesha...
"Throw some glitter, make it rain!"
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Have a wonderful day tea drinkers and make sure to have a little fun today.

*Back to giving a damn about the country will resume in a few days.

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