A weekly portrait, once a week for a year

Olive Mae, 6 months (27 weeks!):: This beautiful lady of mine has been a tiny bit grumpy this week ... hey guess what, new half leap (le sigh- though obviously it is essentially very good! ... but still, le sigh). It appears she has returned to a slightly fussy, 'I want Mama' phase.
On a more positive, yet daunting, note the little lady is on the move. She shuffles and rolls around, reaching for things that are quite far away but one way or the other manages to grab them. She will be crawling around in no time I'm sure!
Time to invest in some stair gates. Eek.


  1. What lovely baby, and i like her dress. J hope you undestand, so my english is very approximatif : )

  2. She is so adorable!

  3. Now you enter the phase of chasing after her every move. AS much as it's fun to have them crawling, it does bring a whole heap of extra complications! I love the prints Olive's always wearing, such a beauty! Alice xxx


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