My favourite kind of Monday is when we have nothing planned at all. No pressure, no need to go out, just time to catch up on naps, routine and housework.
Today, Olive and I played on the mat together. I read her a couple of stories, we danced and sang (me!) to Mary Poppins that played on the record player. I cooked up a couple of batches of meals for her in the week, washing up as I went along. As well as writing a meal plan for her.
We sat at the table and had lunch together, which has to be my new favourite thing. I have always dreamt of the day I get to sit and enjoy meal times with my family and it has already begun. Whilst I mainly had cold toast by the time I got to it, Olive nibbled on a portion of butternut squash puree and toast with houmous- which she loved! We have finally succeeded in getting her to drink water too. HOORAY for the Doidy cup! After 2 sippy cups & 1 beaker later, the Doidy cup is THE ONE. I am one very happy Mama. It got to the point where I found myself forcing water upon her last week as it was so so hot, and I worried she was dehydrated, which in turn made her not want it even more (she went all toddler trantrum on me!). We are saved.
After a successful day of playing, singing, napping and generally being cheery, Olive enjoyed her first pasta meal for dinner followed by a visit from her Nanny. We caught up over a cup of tea and cuddles with the little lady whilst making plans. Then it was time for bed. Sebastian got home later than usual as he does the weekly shop after work on a Monday, so Olive missed out on goodnight Daddy cuddles. However, the weekly shop means cake. We always have cake on Mondays- it's our thing.
After our dinner we had pink milk and an apple turnover whilst catching up with each others day.

What did you get up to?


  1. I just love that you both had pink milk at the end of the day, your little girl is so gorgeous! I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing Olive grow up, living vicariously through you until I'm ready to have one of my own! Alice xxx

  2. My treat on Mondays is a bar of chocolate. You have to have treats on Mondays! Love the Peter Rabbit plate.


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