30/52 & 31/52

A weekly portrait, every week for a year 

Olive Mae, 7 months (31 weeks):: Watching little Olive play is my favourite thing at the moment, she's so gentle and curious. Her little fingers exploring the texture, the shape. Tiny hands shaking the toy gently back and forth to hear the rattle of the bell and passing it from one hand to the next. She is so intrigued and I love watching her expressions and occasional chats when doing so.
Olive Mae, 7 months (32 weeks):: Not only has this week probably been my hardest as a mother yet. We're talking major baby tummy issues which meant no sleep at the beginning of the week- waking every half hour to an hour in tears, followed by me getting Mastitis and then we both caught a cold. A few days later, the sixth leap started for the little lady, obviously leading to more restless nights. 
But it was all worth it. Dear Olive has mastered the wave, sitting up from laying down and today she officially crawled. So a very successful outcome from a very tough week. Constantly having to remind myself that their little minds are constantly learning and it must be very frustrating for them at times. I am one proud Mama. Tired, but proud!

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  1. She is such a doll <3
    Mastitis is the worst. I've had it twice despite never being a mum/breastfeeding (just my luck!) I thought I was dying both times. Bloody awful thing it is.
    Sorry to hear you've had a rough few weeks but I bet it's hard to be sad when you have such a darling little baby :) Vxx


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