Favourites // August

Favourite moments from August::

That evening that Sebastian came home from work with his backpack full of biscuits and chocolate for me (we're talking custard creams, bourbon biscuits and rich tea fingers and a big bar of dairy milk- ALL of my favourites!). I had had a tough day (during a pretty tough time myself) with a clingly grizzly bébé who refused sleep for most of it. He knows how to cheer a girl up!

That weekend that Jenny visited and we discovered the beautiful pink chapel where pastel dreams come true. After spending probably too long standing in front of the candy coloured building, we also had tea and cake, explored the gardens and fed the greedy goats.
That morning that Olive napped long enough for me to tidy the living room and put away some things that are too SMALL for her. How can she have outgrown things other than clothes already!?! Oh my. Also, Olive's high chair has a tray attachment that I have removed so she can sit at the table with us and it is all kinds of emotional. The tiny milestones are just as hard to accept as the big ones. Proud Mama but just wish I could freeze time and enjoy it more.
That day (every day!) that Olive's outfit was way better than mine. I constantly have major wardrobe envy on a weekly basis. Even her bed sheets are desirable. Just look at those loose trousers! Mama size please?!! I am totally ok with twinning.
That Wednesday my friend popped over for a catch up and gave gifts of freshly picked Lavender from her garden. My living room smells glorious, Lavender is my most favourite.
That extra day of the bank holiday weekend where we had some lovely quality family time. I love days spent together out exploring, eating delicious food surrounded by the sea. My favourite kind of weekend. I love my little family so much.

What are your favourite moments from August?


  1. Such lovely moments! That pink chapel is just so adorable. And I always love the smell of lavender :) xxx

  2. This is lovely- it really is the little things in life! :)

    Rebecca xo

  3. love the colour scheme of your photos <3

  4. That isn't the pink church in Cheshire is it? If so, I grew up only around 3 miles from there and always wanted to get married in the pink church.

  5. I love baby fashion! Whenever I pass the baby/toddler aisles I look at all the tiny clothes and get jealous of how cute everything is! You should totally coordinate some outfits with your daughter. It would be so adorable! ♥

  6. Aww a lovely round up of precious moments and of course that beautiful chapel <3

    Mel ★


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