Life Lately

Life lately hasn't always been gazing at pastel pink skies and fluffy clouds. Some days you could find us laying in a heap on the floor in front of the fan, windows wide open with the curtains drawn to hide away from the hot sun. Beads of sweat dance on our foreheads, babies wearing nappies and sipping water, cold showers and naps.
There have also been lots of playtime, Fairytale sensory classes, story time, trips to the shops and visits to family, naps and floral blouses. Listening to iTunes on shuffle and hearing some very old songs that bring such great memories, sitting on the floor playing pat a cake and holding tiny hands whilst we dance to Mary Poppins on the record player.
Wearing bonnets and dungarees and tights with clementines on them. Being cold enough to wear my Selfish Mother sweater but warm enough to wear my rose gold sandals. Sipping tea on the living room floor, sipping tea tucked in bed, sipping tea with loved ones. Getting inspired for creative projects and being so motivated to start. Wishing time would stay still most days and wishing time would speed up on other days.
A long hair appointment on a very hot sticky day followed by an afternoon sipping a Rose frappuccino and nibbling on a Croque Monsieur. Endless days cuddling a beautiful lady and occasional evenings snuggling a gorgeous husband. Fried egg breakfasts and pasta dinners and tiny houmous toast soldiers. Seaside adventures and park hang outs. July has been pretty wonderful.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Your baby really is cute......and now you've mentioned fried eggs.....I think I may need to have them for lunch!

  2. this is such a beautiful post and your baby is absolute adorable!

    alexius xx.
    organic hearts

  3. Sounds lovely - I really do adore these sorts of posts from you! :) Happy August! May it bring many more snuggles and happy times.

  4. Stunning post and beautiful photo subjects <3

    Mel ★


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