Life Lately

August so far has been a strange month. It has been cold, it has been hot. It has been happy, it has been sad. It has been healthy, it has... not. There have been walks through the park and lunch dates with Papa. There was a trip to the coffee shop to wake my bones and a trip to the sweet shop to make my heart sing. Salads and white chocolate mice (not together!). Endless cups of tea- some hot and some cold. A grizzly baby, a toothy grinned baby, a crawling baby, a sleepless baby (all just from the same baby... from the same day!). Visits from bests, one all the way from Berlin followed by a week of cancelled plans.
There are teeny new shelves in little Olive's room after a visit from Papa and his drill kit. There are drawers filled with freshly washed new tiny clothes in a bigger size. Pastel leggings, floral blouses, broderie anglaise white tees, patterned rompers, frilly socks.
A day or two or five of a sleepless, restless Olive which resorted to giving in and keeping her napping in my arms (sometimes you just have to give in for a moment of peace). Spontaneous trip to the seaside with a new Mama friend and after work visits from loved ones for tea and catch ups.
Chunky leg rolls, sleepy faces, delicate hands with dancing fingers, tiny wriggly toes. Goofy pretend chuckles, laughing from tickles, big smiles. Little baby Yoga poses and knocking towers of stacking cups.
Moments of panic and heartache from overthinking. Late night Pinterest-ing. iTunes on shuffle and hearing songs that bring back great memories.
August so far has been strange but also filled with wonderful moments. There is still quite a bit left of it to go and the calendar is filled with lots of plans. Including a bank holiday weekend. Yay!
What have you been up to lately?


  1. Here's to a pretty and strange month!
    Wish I had taken more pics of my little boy at this age. Think I'm making up for it now though. Keep up the good work, pictures of your daughter are priceless.

  2. Ah wow, quite a whirlwind! And the month isn't even half way over. My August as been pretty tame. Work and play, back to school in a few weeks. Hope your month continues to get better and better!

  3. Sounds like a good month. I'm back at work on Monday after a week off!

  4. Oh that baba is so cute I love your photos of her

    Mel ★


*Forever Love*