A portrait every week for a year

Olive Mae, 8 half months (37 weeks):: Hello fifth tooth. Seriously, the moment this lady cut her first tooth it's like a domino effect, they just can't help popping up. It is making me realise how quickly her development is coming along and how quickly this precious time is going. Her skills at pulling up and standing is incredible and she has quickly learnt how to sit down (even if it is sometimes with a thump- thank goodness for nappy padding!).
Olive is also getting a little cheeky, understanding the word "no" somewhat (exposed internet wires) but looks at me, gives me an extremely cheeky grin whilst reaching out to it. Occasionally shaking her head. Testing me or what!?! Little monkey.


  1. Awwww, I usually don't like children, but this year two babies have won my heart, my friends' 6 month old baby girl, and Olive. You're a lucky woman for having her, and she's a lucky girl for having you.

    happy week to the both of you (and Sebastian too, of course)

    1. Oh how lovely! Thanks Polly!!! <3

      I agree, I am extremely lucky, she is an absolute darling and makes me laugh and smile all day, every day.

      Have a lovely week xxx

  2. Olive melts my heart in every single photograph! You capture her so beautifully! Alice xxx


  3. Awwww Olive is a complete cutiepie. So cute. xx


*Forever Love*