37 & 38/52

A portrait every week for a year

Olive Mae, 8 half months (38 weeks):: Our last sensory class and Olive was so involved. She loved the glow eggs and giant pinecones but her face when the bubble machine came out is absolutely priceless. She is a funny little thing.
Olive started clapping this week too. I think she was equally pleased with herself as we were!
Olive, 9 months (39 weeks):: So this lady turned 9 months this week and I am in love more than ever. Olive is such a happy, smilie, goofy baby. She is clever and cruising the furniture like she has some other place to be. She is extremely cheeky, in which I have to try my darn hardest not to smile/laugh when telling her no as she gives me a huge 'cheese' style smile back at me!
This week we finally moved her into her own room too. Phew. It took long enough. The blind is finally up and we do need new curtains but for now it will keep as it is. The first few days were tricky but we're all adapting to it and I'm happy to have my husband back! (His snoring kept her awake so I banished him to our spare room!).

Side note :: I am not too sure, but I think I may have miscalculated the weeks somehow. Is it the 38th week this week or 39th?! I have counted so many times and I'm confusing myself more. Thanks!!


  1. Gaaah, she is the cutest little thing! I keep trying to teach Ada to clap by singing "if you're happy and you know it.." but she just grabs my hands for me to clap! :'D

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  2. Aww such beautiful photos!

    Mel ★

  3. Aww adorable photos. She is just the cutest...

  4. The top photo is so sweet as it matches your profile picture on the right! :) Alice xx


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