Life Lately // Hello Autumn

Well it seems that Autumn arrived over night. We have been wearing jumpers, socks and all the layers over here lately. I am even contemplating wearing a scarf out on our walk later today. It looks rather chilly outside. So much so that I MAY even have to pop the heating on for a short burst to heat the rooms and dry the washing! *gasp*
The delightful drop in temperature means I got to go shopping for warm hats for Olive and use the chill as an excuse to have Sebastian kindly make us delicious porridge on Sunday. 
Oh Autumn you are an absolute beauty!! What honestly is better than maple infused porridge with handfuls of fruit & nuts, cosy socks and oversized knitted jumpers?! Ah, Winter - Because you can have all that AND Christmas chocolate, and mince pies, and twinkly lights ... Oops I'm getting carried away.
Oh Autumn.
Beautiful pastel sunsets, woodland walks, woollen hats, gingerbread flavoured treats, matching knitwear, hot cups of tea and occasional hot chocolates in bed, pyjama sets, candles in the evenings instead of bright lights, crunchy rusty leaves to kick, Christmas oozing into the stores, early nights beneath cold fresh sheets, cool morning air, dark cosy evenings, early morning sunrises, hallowe'en chocolates and skull decorations, seasonal squash and bowls of comfort food. Bliss.
Before I get told off about the fact I am talking of Christmas, I need to document the fact that I walked into my local M&S and found myself standing in front of the small Christmas section, eyes wide and heart shaped, I let out a yelp and a whole load of excitement. They had their delicious chocolate coins... which you all know by now are my ultimate favourite. Last year the local shop didn't have any until the week before the big day and I felt like I had to ration the few nets that I did manage to get from other shops. However I did end up with loads for Christmas! I basically asked everyone for them. Genius. And the perfect post-birth/breastfeeding snack! Anyway... so I HAD to buy some, just incase they ran out again!
Oh Autumn, you really are just something special. I would like you to go slowly please, my maternity is due to end soon and I just really want to soak up all the cosy moments, milky snuggles, hot cups of tea, pyjama days and record playing afternoons before they run out. Please just go slowly Autumn, for me?! We would all love to enjoy you that little bit longer.


  1. Autumn is my favourite season. It has been an incredibly hot summer and my town was too crowded this year, too many people for such a small town on the north coast (which means cold and wet in comparison to the rest of Spain) and now they are all gone and it feels like the town is mine again.

    It is the time to slow down a little whenever you can, make plans, have coffee or tea (or both!), learn new things and buy ridiculously cute pijamas.

    Kiss miss Olive for me please? and a big hug to you

    ps. Everytime I pass by a children's fashion shop I think of what you said that kiddies' clothes are way cuter than adults', and it's true. I want everything my size. And I'm tiny, but not that tiny :(

  2. Wow I can't believe you're talking Christmas already! I do admit that before we know it it will round the corner so might as get ahead

    Mel ★

  3. Olive's face with the reindeer headband is hilarious! XD

    I too adore autumn and I don't want it to ever end! Or at least keep the same temperature all year long! The best autumn days in my opinion are when it's raining outside, a fog rolls in and I'm curled up under a warm blanket. Wearing comfy pjs, thick socks and sipping a cup of tea with a good book in hand. Those are the days!

    Also, those gingerbread whirls look amazing! Wish I could get them here, across the pond in Canada :(. They'd be the perfect afternoon treat on said perfect, rainy autumn day!

  4. Lucky you! Autumn days and cute cosy jumpers ahhhh I miss the cold - I'm from Sydney and I've absolutely been nostalgic for English autumns as Spring has well and truly arrived Down Under! Loving Olive's reindeer ears by the way!

  5. It felt like autumn today - work even turned the heating on. I love cuddling up next to radiators.

  6. Autumn is the absolute best! My favourite season :) Your photos are so cosy and make me want some delicious porrdige too! Have an excellent week-end :)


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