Life Lately

Lately I have been spending most of my days running after little Olive and sipping ALL the cups of tea. But in between those moments we have gone to our fairytale sensory class, walks amongst the golden leaves (yes it is finally officially Autumn - there are crunchy leaves already people!), visits from friends, lunchtime meet ups with Papa, walks around the gardens and trips to town for cake.

I've also had tough days of being too busy with no down time (this mama needs her quiet days at home too!), my little fluffball Lady Bluebell going to hamster heaven and being a 'proper Mama' and getting on with it with my game face (though the vets could have made me cry with how bloomin' nice they were!), and a night from hell where Olive decided to wake up and not settle again until 4am meaning I didn't get to sleep until then - beyond exhausted. Luckily after horrible days/nights comes the excuse for having a slow quiet day the next (where the comfy outfits come out to play!).
Last weekend, little Alice came to visit. Donning her dungaree dress, backpack and smile she greeted me with open arms and a bunch of happy sunflowers. Just what a lady needed after the sad fluffball news that morning. We bought essentials from the shops and headed home to sip tea and eat biscuits.
After playtime with Olive, and a short walk to the vets (*sadface*) we decided to make cupcakes - because every Saturday afternoon should be spent eating cake am I right?!
Sat on the floor whilst Olive played, and stared at us with food envy, we chatted and ate a couple of jam filled, buttercream encrusted cakes before Alice left to catch the train.
I have been spending my days stacking cups for an excited little lady to knock over, as well as play ball - which is apparently the funniest thing Olive has ever seen. I have also been on guard whilst she stands and climbs EVERYTHING as well as reaching for the things she is not supposed to have. It is pretty tiring I have to say. Way more tiring than breastfeeding every 20 minutes or so as a newborn. Needing eyes in the back of my head, I try to assure myself that the next stage with her walking will surely be more tiring and thus meaning the Lady will sleep better - Mama's tell me I'm right? Or even just lie and pretend, thanks.
^^^ that time I was desperate for a shower before the builders came and just gave her the basket of toys !!!

Our bathroom seems to be taking forever (nearly 2 months - ugh!) but I'm hoping that by next week it will have finished and I can finally have a bath without scrubbing it clean first. It has been so much harder than I thought it would be. They have been coming a day here and 2 days there etc for nearly two months and it has taken much longer than anticipated. But hey, I cannot complain, we have been waiting for it to be done for 4 years (joys of renting). But it will look amazing and it's a great excuse to buy a plant and a new shelf or two.
So, I shall end this post with a sleepy snap of Olive - because these type of snaps make my heart happy!

What have you been up to lately? Have you been making the most of the last Summer sunshine or embracing the new season perhaps?


  1. I've been doing a bit of both. I love that it feels a little fresher as I do a big commute so it's nice to have a cooler time in the car.

  2. So sorry to hear about your hamster. I was so sad when mine died, sometimes people can't really understand it! Eating cupcakes, drinking tea and hanging out with fab friends (who bring you sunflowers) sounds like a good way to start to feel a little better though. Love that last photo of Olive, she really is gorgeous! xo

  3. Sorry about your hamster it's really horrible when a loved pet passes away :(

    Mel ★

  4. That button back shirt is gorgeous, I want one for myself too! ;) Really sorry about Lady Bluebell, pet deaths are unbelievably sad at any time. Alice not only has an awesome sense of style and choice in flowers, but a pretty cool name too... ;) Alice xxx


*Forever Love*