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This weekend the three of us went for a little walk to blow the cobwebs away. We decided to walk to the local gardens where we could let Olive have a little explore on the grass amongst the flowers. It was a much cooler day after having a string of awfully hot sticky days, and it was perfect for us to be out in - Is it Autumn yet!?!
Due to the cooler temperatures I was able to dress Olive in her new blouse. I'm not sure what it is but when Olive wears a blouse or little collar it honestly makes my heart flicker with happiness. She is such a beautiful little girl and when she wears outfits like this I can almost imagine what she will look like a year from now. Collars and cardigans with corduroy shorts and tights and adorable little blonde pigtails. Oh my heart.
This beautiful crisp white blouse* is from Mama et Moi online boutique and goes perfectly with these blue floral loose trousers from H&M. Olive has a pair of pale grey leggings as well as a pair of powdery blue ones that would both look gorgeous with this. Honestly this little lady has a much better wardrobe than I ever will.
One of my favourite features of the blouse, apart from it's versatility, is the fact it buttons up at the back. Not only does this look extremely adorable but it is so convenient to whip off her at the end of the day. Olive is not always a fan of getting dressed these days, especially in the evening when she is so tired from all her crawling, playing and chatting.
I must mention too that this blouse comes wrapped in a cute bottle as part of the 'message in a bottle' branding. Making it the perfect surprise gift, wouldn't you agree?! We all love a pretty packaging.

We sat and played in the park for a short while before visiting a few shops to pick up some groceries for dinner. Olive was the cutest watching the white butterflies dance from flower to flower and the bees land upon the pollen. Watching her little curious face has to be one of my favourite activities. I love how interested she always is, I hope she stays like this forever.
I look forward to family days of exploring together. Walking through the woods collecting pinecones, leaves and acorns. Skipping along the seafront collecting seashells, seaglass and skimming stones across the water. Having picnics in fields and pressing wildflowers between books.
So many special moments to come.

Mama et Moi have kindly given my wonderful readers an exclusive 20% off until the end of October using the code 'TTDER'. Go have a peek, they currently have a sale on as well as some gorgeous new items for Fall (including some beautiful green knitted leggings and a dandelion print blouse! Swoon!!).

Photography by MrTTDER - Sebastian Turton-Wall


  1. I love her outfit - she definitely gets her style from you though. Those leggings are gorgeous!

  2. Such a cute outfit and gorgeous photos

    Mel ★

  3. Beautiful photographs! I wish my husband was as handy with the camera! Our little one is now 5 months and growing so fast :(


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