The quickest Life Lately update...

Lately it's been all about tea, cake, playing with stacking cups, Mama nightshifts, rice dinners and running after a very inquisitive, adventurous and cheeky little lady. It can all become quite tiring. So much so that I haven't been taking as many snaps, nor have we been doing an awful lot due to the horrid heat. So instead of writing a long post about what we have/haven't been up to (pretty much everything above over and over again!) I am going to shut the computer down, turn my social media notifications off and get on with some creative time/peace and quiet Charlotte time. Before my eyes become heavy and I lose all enthusiasm due to exhaustion.

Oh and it's supposed to rain tomorrow and I am secretly jumping for joy at the thought because it is just too darn hot around here. And not so secretly over it!

Ooh and one more thing- it's 100 days until Christmas today so in honour of that, Olive and I watched Arthur Christmas. Because watching a Christmas film on this day has always been my tradition.

Have a lovely evening tea drinkers!


  1. I'm very glad the rain has broken the extreme heat too! Enjoy your weekend :) xxx

  2. I'm also extremely happy about the rain. It made my day more productive :)

    Green tea morning.

  3. It has been way too muggy this week. We had the most fantastic storm earlier in the week which completely cleared the air!

  4. A raining day in seems lovely! I can't believe Christmas is 100 days away! ♥

  5. I'm the happiest person in the world when it rain - seriously. I hate sunshine and just love the rain. I'm weirdo, right?

  6. 100 days until Christmas! Can I get my Michael Buble songs out yet? Lovely post, that cup of tea there looks just right for a rainy day xx


*Forever Love*