A portrait every week for a year (a few days late)

Olive Mae, 9 months (40 weeks):: Poor little Olive hasn't been very well, I think she caught a small tummy bug from somewhere. Whatever it was shocked her system for a few days and she was a completely different person. Luckily she is feeling much better and more her happy self. Though now she has started to throw little tantrums when I take something from her that she has been told 'no' when she is super tired. Her little sad face, bless her.
Now it's officially Autumn, the knitwear has been taken out for a spin. Gosh, Olive in a pom pom hat is just the cutest thing.
Also, this little lady has started imitating me more than ever, trying to say words like 'dog' and 'sock' gets me all fuzzy hearted and proud. As well as a gentle reminder on the things we DO say around her. How do you tell everyone around you to stop swearing??! 


  1. Explain to them that your little lady is now like a sponge that is likely to catch everything they say and repeat it, especially words she likes or words that will get some reaction from you. Because surely if she learns bad words without your knowledge and repeats them in front of you, she will get a shocking reaction from you, she will think it's a game: "Mummy makes funny faces at me". It's like telling smokers not to smoke in the presence of Olive. Same situation, altough of course I hope no one ever lights a ciggie anywhere near her.

    She's adorable. Let's not take that from her, please.

    ps. If you ever see her wooly sweeter in adult size, please share the link!

  2. Hello lovely (both you and little Olive!), sorry to hear that Olive hasn't been well - bless her. Maybe start a swear jar? That what my sister in law did to stop people saying swear words. lol it did actually work well for her.

  3. Olive is just SO cute Charlotte! That little face! Sorry she wasn't feeling too well, I'm so glad she's feeling brighter. Hope you're feeling good too! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic


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