40/52 & 41/52

A portrait every week for a year :: A little bit behind with these. Oops.

Olive Mae, 9 months (41 weeks):: Officially been out in the big wide world longer than she was nestled up inside nice and snug. This lady has mastered the point and "look!" which sounds more like "gochh" haha. She has also learnt how to climb the stairs and the sofa as well as perfecting words like 'Dog' and 'Nana' - which doubles up as Banana and Nanna! I am absolutely smitten with her and so proud of how well she is doing.
Olive Mae, 9 half months (42 weeks):: We had a big family picnic arranged for last Sunday and (incase some of you didn't know, I am one of 9!) we managed to get nearly everyone together. 8 siblings & partners, 12 kids, and Mama, and Olive LOVED the attention. I wondered how she would deal with the crazy noise, excitement and new-ish faces but she enjoyed every second of it. Which was good for me too as I managed to have grown up conversations and uninterrupted cake eating without her glued to my hip. I am so happy she is a social babe.
Olive is such a chatty, funny, giggly little girl. I am so lucky and so proud.
- This picture was snapped the moment she woke up after a short nap. A-dor-a-blé!

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