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When it comes to Olive and her skin, I won't settle for anything but the best (in our opinion). The little lady occasionally gains a bump or two on her many adventures (read : cruising the furniture or attempting to climb EVERYthing!) which requires a big Mama hug and several kisses but when it comes to skin care we take extra care and love.
When Olive was fresh out in the world we wanted to use everything natural and organic because babies skin is 30% thinner than ours, so they say. We used only water in the bath, coconut oil for her flaky 'overdue' newborn skin and scalp and Water Wipes and Naty nappies for her bottom.
We still use Naty nappies - I LOVE them, they are 100% eco friendly and made from natural sources. They are also pretty cute too! I am currently using Water Wipes only for her face after her meals as she seems to have fairly delicate skin. Other wipes seem to give her a little blotchy type 'rash' after I have wiped her peanut toast crumbs or remnants of blueberries away from her face.
I also make sure I have a stash of different toys for her to play with distract her during nappy change as she likes to wriggle off these days. We love Sophie la Girafe and this gorgeous personalised wooden rattle received from my sister at Christmas.
Even though I feel fairly confident that the nappies we use are really good at preventing Nappy rash, on a few occasions we have had to lather on the Sudocrem. We started using Burts Bees diaper cream when she was a newborn but found it didn't really do an awful lot at all and all the other Mother's 'swore' by Sudocrem. I knew it was a good one to use but we really wanted to use an organic, natural ointment but due to just giving in and probably being too tired to bother researching it we just used it. Though it DOES work brilliantly I was still very much wanting to use a more natural product.
So when the lovely ladies at Mama et Moi sent me the Little Butterfly London nappy change cream I was so excited to try it. We often use their heavenly Bedtime bath milk and Mother & Baby massage oil and love it, it's such a fantastic brand. Even though the price tag is a little luxe I do think it's worth splashing out on every now and then. I could pay triple the price for a couple of organic locally sourced carrots so why not on 100% natural skincare. Also, I don't feel so bad paying a little extra for Olive. Her bottom is extremely important, especially with all the sudden 'thuds' it endures after balancing on those pretty feet.
The brand always use such lovely ingredients and smell so delicious (though probably fairly edible , it's best not to!). Some of the natural ingredients used in the nappy cream are Shea butter and buttermilk to nourish and protect, mango seed butter, calendula and chamomile to relieve discomfort, peach kernel and cucumber seed oil for skin's healthy moisture levels. It's nourishing, calming and healing. What more can you want?! Oh yes ofcourse - pretty packaging!
This wonderful nappy cream ticks all the boxes. At £24.99 a pop I just wish it was bigger, it is such a lovely product! 
However there is still time to use the exclusive 20% off code for TTDER readers over at Mama et Moi. Use the code 'TTDER' at checkout, you have until the end of October. They have other products from the wonderful Little Butterfly London range as well as some gorgeous pieces for the little one's wardrobe.
Do you have any favourite natural products that you use for the little ones?


  1. One day little Olive will read these posts and think about her mama going only for the best for her.

    The photo of Olive smiling exactly like the sun in her sweater is just adorable. Awww!

  2. Lovely post, Olive is too cute!

    Anika |


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