Favourites // September

Favourite moments from September ::

That first morning after the first night that Olive slept in her own room, and brilliantly at that. It was emotional and most definitely a milestone for us. We had put it off for so long due to having a few room issues, but the blackout blind is up, her shelves are laden with books and trinkets and all that it needs now is a miniature gallery wall for lovely framed prints and quotes and vintage letters.
That very last day and night of the little darling sleeping in our bedroom was full of emotions and slight nerves. It wasn't nerves but something similar.. I felt sad, happy and full of butterflies. It was a bizarre mix of feelings. I can't really accurately explain it. Anyway, I spent the day and night enjoying every moment, savouring the morning wake up call with 'Mamamam' and her peering through the bars at me. (I'm not going to hide it, I'm feeling rather teary just thinking about it!). *clears throat* Gosh it all goes far too fast.
That moment after lots of whatsapp chats with my best, Alix and feeling super motivated about creative projects. Opening my Etsy shop again is something I keep putting off but I have loads of inspiration and positivity pumping through my veins that I spent nap times and evenings making lists, cutting fabric, ordering labels and feeling ready. The time to do something I love for a living is now and I need to grab it by both horns and go for it. I still have my job to go back to after my Maternity ends and I have planned to go back part time which gives me the motivation to leave and sew and be a Mama full time. To have a home business and to be a Mama is all I have really ever wanted to do - I have both I just need to believe in myself and keep the passion flowing.
That Wednesday evening I watched Bake Off and they were making Bakewell Tart and I had huge heart-eyes as well as major food envy. So I popped to the shop the following day to buy a box of Cherry Bakewells to satisfy my craving. It happens every time so now I prepare myself and buy in advance so I can eat whilst they bake.

What were your favourite moments from September?


  1. Oh I wish you all the best and that one day you see your dreams coming true, including that little house you usually talk about. You deserve it, and Olive deserves it too because she's an amazing little lady.

    My september was way too hot for my taste, so, come october with the rains and the cold evenings and yours truly is sick, with a cold that is now almost gone but still has me talking with the voice of a lorry driver (as we say in my country). Can we pretend that september didn't exist? please?

    I hope that you are well. xxx

  2. We've gotten into the habit of buying treats when we watch GBBO as well because one of us is bound to be sent packing to the shops afterwards!

    Mel ★


*Forever Love*