Getting started...

Lately I have been utilising all my free time by being productive and getting all those creative ideas onto paper and into action. My brain has been overactive but time seems to be elsewhere and I just needed the two to meet to start actioning it all.
Finally I gave myself a little constructive lecture, that and a few late night discussions/brainstorms with Sebastian as well as inspiring chats with Alix and my wise (not-so) little brother, I felt motivated and ready.

Time in the day is being spent playing and running after Olive but when she naps I try to keep on top of the housework, eat, go for that wee and tidy up a little. Then when Olive goes to bed in the evening I finally sit down and get creating. This could be blogging, drawing, writing or working on my projects.
As I had so many ideas and a few which had short deadlines, I decided that making up an informal timetable could work really well. Setting myself a task, big or small, each evening keeps me in check and helps organise my busy mind. Having so many projects that I am eager to start doesn't help when it's time to begin as I felt so lost and pressured, so setting small goals makes it achievable and stress-free. Over time I have realised I do work best under pressure but being organised is key. As is rest.

I also find that rewarding myself with a cup of tea or a biscuit after each small task really helps. It is like a tiny incentive, especially when the task is a little more difficult than the last or if I'm really tired. This keeps me that little bit more focused too. A biscuit at every small finish line - sounds perfect, eh?

What do you do to help keep the creativity flowing? (Especially after a long day!)


  1. Tea and a biscuit and creativity sounds perfect! A lovely mix to inspire and encourage all the progress you're making. Best wishes x

    Keep Calm & Start Writing -

  2. Tea and a biscuit or just a quiet thirty minutes before I start again.


  3. Incentives and reward are always good. I try and make use of pockets of time as they crop up - so that creativity becomes a habit, rather than waiting for the elusive moment!


*Forever Love*