Life Lately // All the cake

So when did October happen? I could have sworn it was only just the beginning of September. You really can blink the days away sometimes. I want to savour each moment I spend with my little girl before life has to go back to some sort of 'normality'. Though I do not wish to talk about that just yet.

I feel like the only posts I get to do at the moment are ones for the 52 project or these Life Lately style posts. I haven't had much 'oompfh' over these past few weeks so once the peach goes to bed in the evenings I have been curled up in Pyjamas next to my husband watching a Netflix series or the like. When I should be creating magic and getting inspired. Perhaps it's the sudden change in seasons, it has me in Hibernation mode and I have been lacking real enthusiasm. It's slowly coming around though. I think the key is that I need my life to be a little more organised!
Due to it being Bake Off season I have claimed it the perfect reason to always have cake in the house. Because let's face it I'll only be craving it during that delicious hour otherwise! When I popped into my local supermarket a few weekends ago I picked up my childhood favourite - Angel cake. As a little girl I would request that we always get the pink slice on top as it was the bigger one of the three. I obviously had a thing with the colour pink. Actually, I think I still do.
I also made cupcakes for a MacMillan Coffee Morning that my sister was hosting which I obviously had to sample first. There is something wonderful about simple cupcakes and buttercream. No frills, not too much sugar - simplicity is everything - Not that Paul & Mary would agree ofcourse.
Speaking of baking I have been quite the 'Dream Mama' over the last couple of weeks. Please let me just add that the 'Dream Mama' is my dream of being like mine who is such a goddess in the kitchen. She is the kind of lady who will just whip up a batch of scones whilst you're at hers visiting, and she'll have clotted cream in the freezer for such occasion. THAT is my kind of "Mama Goals"!!! 
This week I cooked lots of yummy dinners for Olive (& for me!) as well as delicious courgette and cheese mini muffins. Please can we just remind anyone out there that Sebastian has been the cook of the house for a few years now so I sometimes find myself forgetting how to do the basic of things. 
The fact that I have made Olive some delicious hearty meals and filled the freezer has made me ever so slightly proud of myself. I have always imagined myself like my Mother who bakes all the time and cooks the most wonderful meals for the family. One day I hope to be like that. One day I hope to figure out to multi task like a pro.
Above are a few 'grown up' courgette and cheese muffins that I made with leftover mixture. So tasty.
Lately I have been trying to 'wind down' in the evenings by giving myself a bedtime and reading a couple of pages of my book before sleep. I must really try not to watch the television and to stay off my phone too as they are both so distractive. I keep feeling really lethargic when I don't get enough sleep lately. Because, obviously, I'm not getting anywhere near as much as I used to. Though Olive does have a bit of a routine when it comes to sleep/waking up so I should really work around it. I find myself so exhausted some days more than others. Staying up late is officially forbidden. So if you find me on social media or messaging you back after 10pm I give you permission to tell me off (thanks in advance!).

I really really hope to resume with regular blogging and social media as well as opening up my Etsy store very soon. A couple of early nights and some healthy snacks, I think I'll be well on the way to feeling full of motivation and drive.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Aaah I need some angel cake in my life now! I used to love the Mr Kipling ones, but I might even have a go at making one :) lovely post, as always!

    Rebecca xx


  2. Sleep + snacks/delicious food always do wonders :))
    Agree - really lovely post! It must be hard to blog with a kiddo but I think you'll get your writing/creativity groove back!

  3. I need a social media ban after 10pm (please note this comment written at 2.30am!)


  4. Would you mind sharing your recipe for those courgette and cheese muffins please? Id love to make those for me and my little boys. They look yummy :-)

  5. Ummmm helllo am I missing something? You're opening an Etsy shop??!! What will you be selling? How exciting!! Alice xx



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