Woodland Walks on Wednesdays

Autumnal Wednesday day off's are for doing wonderful things, like wandering in the woods with your bestest (and your wee one).
After we had some lunch we popped into Nero to buy a slice of cake and a latte and off we went for a lovely drive to King's Wood just on the outskirts of Challock (a gorgeous little village) in Kent.
In the Spring time the floor of the wood is covered with Bluebells (here), but in Autumn it is sprinkled with golden leaves, pine cones and red spotted toadstools fairy houses. It is wonderfully magical.
Most days lately have been a little monotonous where I try to stick to some sort of routine around meal times and nap times. We do make the effort to go out and see people and other bébé's but it's nice to go somewhere different and explore as well as stretch my legs. So a wander through King's Wood is exactly what was needed. Bonus points for squeezing a nap in for Olive whilst she sat in the carrier snuggled into me!
Wandering through a canopy of interlaced twigs, stepping on crispy fallen leaves on man-made mud tracks, avoiding hard working ant trails, filling a tote bag with collected pine cones, stopping to take photos of all the spotted toadstools, talking about the present and the future. It was a much needed day of wonderfulness.

I still very much wish to have a house in the middle of the woods, or perhaps a little cottage with a garden that backs on to the woods. At some point nearly every day there is a time where I daydream about living in the moors or a forest in Scotland. My mother has just purchased her dream cottage and is currently up there picking up the keys as we speak. I could not be more excited or proud that she finally has the first part of her dream. She is such a selfless soul and mothering nine children and facing battles that I probably don't even know about is just so inspiring. It's also eye opening. I don't want to be over sixty and finally reaching my dreams. The time is now. The time is always now. I feel extremely motivated to push myself like never before. For Olive's sake. For my sake.
Isn't it amazing how a gorgeous Autumnal afternoon walk amongst the nature can make you feel refreshed, energised, inspired and excited about life? Talking with your bestest whilst sipping vanilla latte's and cuddling a sleepy bebe played a huge part in it though.
I am lucky to have a very small amount of very special friends in my life who do just that. Inspire me and make me see life in such a way I never thought I could before. I have realised I don't need a contact list full of people in my life to 'do things' with. I have a few special people and (equally important) myself to divide my time with and THAT is what is important. It doesn't matter how far or how near on the map those special people are, planning lovely things, properly catching up on each other's live's and dreams and eating cake together is what really matters.
Let's always take some time to reflect on life, go on adventures, eat cake with your special people, spend quality time with yourself and enjoy what is ahead. Most importantly dream big and don't be afraid to go and achieve them!
... and lastly, can we just take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of life and that sparkling sunlight. THAT is the doorway to wonderland.


  1. Woodland walks are the best, and especially during autumn. Like you, I want to live in a house near the woods, and I really hope that dream will come true! How wonderful that your mum has got her dream at last :)

    Mimmi xx

  2. Such beautiful photographs, Autumnal walks are just perfect. I hope you get your dream little home in the woods, and I hope you let me come visit!

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

  3. Just look at those toadstools! Amazing colours!! I have a few friends that make me feel just that! Like food for your soul! Alice xx

  4. It looks so pretty!

  5. Ah, Fall is such a magical time and these photos have captured the season so well! Looks like a fairy tale of an afternoon you had :)

  6. Look at all those toadstools! I have to walk through a wood to get to my work & I have been looking out for mushrooms since September but haven't found one! & you have them all haha! I really love a crisp autumn walk! They are beautiful! & talking of beautiful, Olive looks so serene in all of these pictures! She is gorgeous as always!

  7. I didn't realise toadstools (I mean, fairy homes) existed quite like that! How beautiful!!! xx

  8. Oh wow, amazing photos! Particularly the toad stools - I have never seen them before! x


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