A portrait once a week for a year

Olive Mae, 10 half months (45 weeks) :: This week has been a pretty eventful one. First, and more importantly, Olive took her first steps on Monday, Hallowe'en of all days. This is such an amazing milestone. She was so pleased with herself and every time we practise it she is beaming with pride! That and she likes to launch herself into her mini ball pool! Not only is this pretty amazing for her age, but it is even more wonderful because I was due back to work on that very same day after Maternity leave. I have changed my hours and used all my accrued annual leave to give me more time at home with her. So it was a very emotional moment for me, thinking how I could have missed it!
Olive has also been sleeping pretty terribly (let's not talk too much about that!), Probably a mixture of learning, frustration and sleep regression perhaps but also the start of a horrible cold. The poorly lady has been struggling at times but still manages to smile through all the snot (sorry!!).

This snap was taken on an afternoon of this week where I had decided to put a film on (Madagascar) due to me being overtired and grumpy. We sat together for a while sipping tea, nibbling biscuits (me) whilst Olive nibbled on a baby banana biscuit. She was in awe with the zebra "look! look!" and "mmm"! it was wonderful.


  1. Awww she's a dearie, and how proud you must be! It must be hard going to work and leaving her at home (or at your mum's, etc) but I bet when you return she welcomes you with a bright smile and her little arms offering a big hug!

    I hope the little one gets better soon, have a nice week little family!

    ps. Is it bad that I want to eat Olive's cheeks? awww

  2. Congratulations to Olive - first steps - what a fabulous milestone

  3. Your little peach has the most fantastic outfits! I love a mustard cardi! Congratulations on her first steps, clever little girl! I know how she feels this week too as I've also got a horrible cold and it's really not great! Alice xx


*Forever Love*