A countryside stroll

Autumn has been pretty wonderful so far, I have probably been out exploring and gone for more walks lately than I have for months! It helps that the temperature has dropped to the perfect wrapping-up-warm kind with that lovely low light from a warmish sun. This is my season!

On Sunday, my little family and I went for lunch with Sebastian's mama and her Andy, in the middle of the countryside. The most wonderful thing about living here in Kent is that there is always a village nearby with a local pub serving delicious food packed with charm and character, and a few woodland trails or fields to roam.
We sat at a large round table feasting on our meals of roast dinners, mixed grills, chilli con carne and pre-prepared peanut butter soldiers, blueberries and such. Catching up, giggling at Olive and picking up her toys she kept purposely dropping whilst sat by the roaring fire feeling cosy and rosy cheeked was definitely what was needed on such a chilly slow Sunday.
Once we were all satisfyingly stuffed we headed to Sebastian's aunt's place where his mama is staying and collected the dogs for a wander through the woods and across a field or two.
We walked through a flock of fluffy sheep, who appeared to be looking at us as if we were trespassing! Passed a field full (there were alot!) of turkeys who waddled right up to us squawking away. Stepping on crunchy leaves and fallen acorns, walking under naked and spindly twigs, stopping by little red berries that teased a little of Winter, skipped along gravelly paths with pups dancing around our feet, greeted with a kiss at the kissing gate. 
Wrapped up warm with woollen accessories and layers and a cosy sleepy bebe nestled into my coat, it was a lovely brisk walk to blow away any cobwebs and walk off any full tummies we may have had.
After a quick stop to rest our achy legs, a now awake little lady who wanted to get down and let the pups lick her hands whilst she squealed with glee and hot cups of tea and coffee to warm our bones, it was time to head back home for tea.
As soon as a few house tasks had been completed we sat and enjoyed toasted teacakes, buttery crumpets and cake with yet more tea before it was time for bed (Olive) and the others to head home to theirs.
As if you didn't know already, Sundays are my absolute favourite day of the week. I have never gotten that feeling of dread in the evening for work the following morning (though I am sure I will come January!), I have always loved the simplicity and slowness that Sunday brings. Of course we don't get to enjoy the extra hours in bed in the morning that most Sundays promise. However they are alot slower. They are easy. And when they include afternoon strolls in the peaceful countryside, they are a heck of a lot better.

What makes a perfect Sunday for you?


  1. Aw, I like the idea of a Sunday like this. I do like Saturday more, but you're right - the peacefulness of a Sunday morning is blissful.
    Also, those red berries are rose hips! They are really popular where I live - people make all kinds of goods with them :)

  2. I loved this so much! I'd been to that pub just a few weeks before and had the chilli (very yummy) such a pity they didn't have the peanut butter soldiers and blueberries as that sounds wonderful too ;)
    If I could warm this time of year up just a tad it would be my favourite too, cosy evenings are spent with a cup of tea in hand and a thick stew bubbleing away on the Rayburn. The colours are fantastic too and I love waking up to see the sheep strolling around the field with frost on their warm woolly jackets (and a Ram in hot persuit this time of year..... Countdown to lambing starts now!)............ Speaking of sheep. Herd?!?? :O :O Flock!!!!! ;)

    Lots of love and warm, woolly knits xx

  3. Ahhh I love autumn, and that photo of those twinkling red berries are just gorgeous! Makes me wish I was still in the UK, considering things are definitely heating up in Sydney xx


*Forever Love*