Automne a la maison

Window panes embellished with dewy rain drops after a heavy down pour. Plastic airers lined with hues of mustard yellows and dusky pinks. Ceramic mugs filled to the brim with orangey coloured breakfast tea. Wooden mantels lit with heather scented candles and tiny tea lights. Views of tall trees with breezy leaves swirling around at it's foot. Kitchen tops adorned with sweet scented freshly made bakes. Crisp fresh bedding beckoning a heavy deep sleep. Soft cosy blankets and a throw of plump pillows to nestle in. Bowls of steaming hearty comfort food to fill hungry tummies.
Warm fluffy slippers patiently waiting by the bed to toast icicle toes. Hot tingly showers to warm up cold skin, feeling like tiny needles at the water's first touch. Icy fingertips brushing against hot metal radiators. A pile of feel good films to watch whilst snuggled up on the sofa. Morning hot breakfast porridge to warm the insides between the bones. Thick walking socks belonging to father and oversized knitwear to soften the goosepimples. Big orange squash sat in window sills welcome little witches and ghosts. Wicker baskets filled with shiny foiled sweets awaiting scary arrivals. Glittery wet spider webs hang outside in the alcoves of every window. Gentle nudges to a twinkly Winter.

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  1. This makes me feel all 'chrismassy' - such a lovely heart warming post. Xx it is how I feel about autumn/winter too. Xx

    Keep Calm and start writing -


*Forever Love*