Fifth of November

On Saturday evening, my little family and I walked to Sebastian's father's house for tea and catch ups. We enjoyed a Bonfire night 'Turton tradition' feast of vegetarian hot dogs (actually AH-mazing!), cheesy jacket potatoes and cups of tomato soup with a chocolate pizza for dessert. After Olive explored her Grandpapi's living room pointing at the twinkly lights and had cuddles with her uncle Josh, we wrapped up warm and ventured outside in the cold to watch the local firework display.
I was pretty excited for Olive to see fireworks for the first time and her reaction did not disappoint! There was a lot of "Look" and pointing as well as "wowwww"ing going on. It was the sweetest thing.
The display was really good with loads of clusters of different fireworks. Popping, banging and fizzing, filling the sky with pretty sparkles.
Not only was I excited for Olive to see the fireworks, I was also excited to see them myself.
I love Bonfire Night. I love the atmosphere; excited faces, hot roaring fire, glittery sparklers waving around making small circles, warm mulled punch, warm soup in disposable cups and hot dog dinners. Wrapping up warm with layers of thick jumpers, cosy scarves, pompom hats and mittens and watching the sky fill with, what looks like, giant glitter explosions twinkling across a blanket of black darkness. It is a magical night though perhaps not originally why it is celebrated.
Another new family tradition to add to the ever growing list of lovely annual traditions for The Turton-Wall family.

Did you go to any firework displays, events or parades? Do you have any traditions for Bonfire Night?


  1. You know, I find it amazing that Olive wasn't scared of the fireworks. I mean, not the lights and the patterns, but the noise. Whenever I've seen fireworks with babies or toddlers (little cousins, nephews and nieces...), most of them ended up in tears of terror and I always had to take them home. Olive is one brave little lady!

    The biggest bonfire in my town takes place in St John's eve, we welcome the summer by burning stuff at the beach, it's also when the schoolyear ends and growing up I would throw my maths book into the fire because the tradition says that you must burn the stuff you think has bad spirits or bad vibes... then the bravest boys and girls jump through the fire and wash their feet right afterwards. For me it is the most special of bonfires because it is also my birthday :D

    I hope little Olive will create her own special memories around bonfires, I'm sure she will.


  2. Lovely post! I didn't go out this 5th of Nov, but I do like a good fireworks display. Olive is the cutest thing! :)


*Forever Love*