Life Lately || Cosy days

When the rain pours down heavily outside with such strong winds that blow next door's metal garden furniture over, there is nothing better than staying curled up together inside. Snuggled up in cosy knits, cups of hot tea with a mince pie or two, candles flickering and a feel good film on the television.
With the weather being a little stormy out I thought it time to get the pretty Autumnal bed sheets out and my tartan bed shirt. The perfect cosy pair!
Days like this are truly my favourite. I just wish we had a log burner, a biscuit tin full of snacks and our lovely wingman, Sebastian, home with us. I want to build a fort draped in floral blankets and twinkly lights, a floor full of cushions and teddies. A mantel lined with flickering candles and a pile of books to read and look at. The record player playing Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. I want to turn my phone off and block out the outside world.
Next week Olive and I are off to Scotland with my Mama to move her into her new home. We will be staying in her cosy cottage surrounded by forests and wildlife, living slowly and basic. There is no phone signal, no wifi, no television. There is a log burner and lots of boxes to unpack and woodland walks to explore. It will be cold but cosy. Lots of baking, relaxing, reading, playing and 'being'.
I think a social media detox and a little adventure is just what I need right now. Though we will miss Sebastian. ALOT.
When we get back though it will be all family, festive and operation Christmas in full swing. So many lovely things.

Do you have any cosy plans or Autumnal adventures coming up?


  1. Such lovely cosy pictures! I'm looking forward to going to the Danish Christmas market tomorrow, followed by mince pies and wine at an Open Day at a studio in Hackney - all very hygge! Miranda xxx

  2. I bought two pijama shirts this morning (to match my two favourite pijama pants that is). Pijamas season is here! so I'm going take a shower, put on my pijamas and watch the new Gilmore Girls episodes with a cup of tea or coffee...

    I love these pictures, you take such beautiful photos that make me feel warm inside. I hope you bring your camera or your phone to Scotland, even if there's no wifi, and take a lot of landscape pics to show us later. Perhaps little Olive will try to take one herself? She's so sweet. Have a lot of fun up there. Lots of hugs x

  3. Those bed sheets are so lovely. We are just staying warm and enjoying watching TV and hanging out.

  4. Your bed clothes are lovely. Hope you have a lovely time in Scotland - a digital detox sounds like a really good idea x

  5. You guys are so cute! And I agree with everyone who has said that your bedding is lovely. I want it!

    Aisling | anthologie.

  6. Ahhh everything you post pictures of looks so cosy

    Mel ★

  7. Those bed sheets are gorgeous. And I hope you had a fab time in Scotland.


  8. Those bed sheets are amazing, where are they from?!


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