The perfect Sunday

Last weekend my little family and I spent our Sunday in the most wonderful way. The morning was perfectly slow after a slight lie-in. YES. a LIE-IN!! I still cannot believe it myself. Not only did the little darling sleep through the night, she also slept though that extra hour in bed that 'nature' kindly gave to us all when the clocks went back. I woke in the most brilliant mood.
After a late morning of playing, Baby banana and blueberry porridge, marmalade toast and a few cups of tea we decided to get ready and go out for an Autumnal walk just the three of us.
Living in the centre of town there aren't too many pretty walks nearby but there are a few hidden gems that become a beautiful little stroll at this time of year. I can only explain it as an 'Autumnal Cave'. Surrounded by a dreamy ombré carpet of fallen leaves and a sprinkling of furry chestnut shells with the sunshine warming our cooled cheeks. It was lovely.
We walked through a canopy of green and golden embellished twigs, collecting giant red and orangey hued leaves for a homemade garland. Stopping occasionally to take a few family snaps and to kick through crispy leaves in typical Autumnal fashion. 
The weather was perfect, a chill in the air but a warm sun to balance it out. This type of weather is my favourite kind. When it's cold enough to wear layers of knitwear and cosy coats with a huge scarf but the sun staying warm enough for us to stay outside longer and feel just right. It was the dream day for a stroll and a play in the park.
As it was nearing Olive's lunch time we decided to stay quite local and so we chose a tiny park just outside the leisure centre where we knew it was going to be relatively quiet at this time of day. Families came out of the building from what clearly looked like a morning of swimming together and had probably worked up an appetite for their lunch so the park was mostly ours. This was the perfect time for Olive to have her first play on the swings.
The little peach had a wonderful time swinging back and forth slowly with the occasional squeal when her Daddy pushed her towards me. She loved it. We knew she would. Though she looked far too tiny in the small swing, she is very much turning into a little toddler. It is strange to think that in just a few months or so she would be old enough to go down the slide with us at the end to catch her! Gosh, time goes far too quickly (I say this way too often!).
It was so lovely to play and see Olive so excited. I cannot wait to spend more of our weekend days like this. 'Proper Family time'. This is exactly what I had imagined when I used to think about having a little family of my own. 
We can't wait to take Olive to the zoo and the local animal farms now that she is much more aware and interested. So many exciting things that we know she will just love.
We came home and had a cheese on toast lunch together (Olive had cream cheese) and enjoyed an afternoon of watching Hotel Transylvania (mainly me watching whilst Olive played and crawled around getting distracted every 5 minutes to something different!), sipping tea and nibbling on salted caramel cake.
It was a wonderful, relaxed, slow Sunday which is my favourite type.

Did you have a lovely weekend? What do you have planned for this Sunday?


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  2. I love reading about all the family time you have! It's so lovely to see and makes me excited for having a family one day :)

  3. The BEST Sundays are just that, slow and simple and sunny! Alice xx


*Forever Love*