2017 Goals

So 2016 has been pretty tough on us, what with Britain no longer being so 'united' and America with similar issues, and all our much loved celebrities and idols passing. I think I am not alone in the thought of welcoming a fresh new year with open arms. 2017 will be a year of change, definitely, but we are all now prepared of what could happen. So instead of suppressing our feelings toward it we must be open to that change, we should be emotionally ready to do what we need to make it work for us - even if that is to throw your bras in the bin and protest with plaques and sashes!

I haven't really been one for resolutions as such. I always think they are easily broken or forgotten by mid January, however I do feel pretty keen on setting some goals and incentives for myself. Becoming a mother and devoting my time and everything into Motherhood and family life, it has taught me so much. Not only the fact that Olive is thriving in her development and is growing into such an independent little girl, but I have learnt that time is invaluable. 
Alongside my precious little family, time is so important to me. I am going to dedicate my time in 2017, and forever, doing the things I want to do rather than the things I feel I have to do. This includes 'pleasing others'. For so long I say yes to a plan when I don't want to or don't feel up to it, or fit people in when I should just say 'no, not today'. Most of the time I have a nice time, but I want to be able to feel like I have had an amazing time. This includes not being afraid to cancel a plan if I change my mind- within reason. I don't want to become flaky, but I also want to be present 100%.

I want to invest my time and friendships with those who want to be there. You know those times when you're hanging out, drinking tea and catching up and completely forget to look at your phone? - Yes I want more of this in my life and less of the 'head in phone' moments from my friends. Having a child and being a mother 24/7 really puts perspective on the little things I took for granted before. If I am lucky enough to have some time to be 'just Charlotte', then I want to take full advantage of that and spend that special time wisely. I am not willing to throw it away, including on loved ones glued to their phones. I was partly this person before- social media hungry, scrolling and double tapping away but I now see value in time and unfortunately I don't get to be that choosy anymore.
So for the record, if you choose to spend your time with me, please do not get offended if I walk away when you have your head in your phone - I have shit to do!
I also want to embrace the slow living. I want to do and have less, and live more in the moment. Motherhood has also given me the great lesson of 'money' and having very little of it. For months we scraped by and sacrificed eating well so Olive could, we didn't go on many adventures or go on any dates, we didn't buy much-needed new clothes or have our hair cut. We simply could not afford it. I could have gone back to work sooner but we decided that extending my Maternity Leave would be more beneficial to Olive and we are so so happy with our decision. I may have scraggly split ended mermaid hair but wow Olive has quickly gone from baby to child. We are so proud of her development and makes it all worth while. Sacrificing money and time for my beautiful daughter is something I shall be forever proud of.
So having very little money between us has opened my eyes to the amount of it I have spent over the years. The amount I have spent unnecessarily. I have so many things now that I no longer have use for or see value in and I wish I could start afresh. I am going to try and sell some things to gain a few pennies from it all but now when I am out shopping I definitely have a new outlook on things. I only buy something if I 'need' it or absolutely love it. If I am in two minds about it/already have one similar then I give myself a gentle reminder and 'remove from basket'.

I would like 2017 to be the year I leave my office job and finally work for myself. For years I have casually re-opened my Etsy shop and after a few sales, months go by and it is abandoned yet again. I had big intentions to reopen again this Christmas but alas, motherhood took over and I got too busy. I started making my festive products and even sold a few to some friends but I didn't get around to photographing them and finishing the rest. So I am spending the next few months finishing those as well other products so I can really make a go of it this year. I want to be able to keep it going and even further and finally achieve those dreams I have longed for. I have the motivation now and I am oh so ready.
I have also had many creative projects that I have started and neglected, one that is completely finished - in my head, which needs to be transformed into a reality. I have exciting ideas and a loooong list of to do's that I have always wanted to try out. I really am ready for it now. I want to come back here and reflect this time next year and finally feel elated at my progress. I want to be proud of my personal achievements, my non-mama achievements.

2017 really is time for change.

I also really want to be hugely more organised (especially next December - woah a birthday AND Christmas in one week is just too much for me not to be organised! I WILL impress myself!), I would like to read more books, eat much healthier, bake more, create more homemade gifts and embrace the mess (Olive!), go on more adventures with my little family - big or small, set aside quality time with my husband, and laugh more.

I have high hopes for this fresh new year. I already feel how powerful it is going to be by how mentally positive I am as it approaches. It really is going to be special.


Have you set yourself any goals for 2017? What do you hope it will bring to you? Are you ready for change?
Remember - Your dreams are worth your best efforts to achieve them!


  1. I can't believe how much Olive has grown this year. Money is tight here too so it would be great to know any tips you have for saving!

  2. I'm hoping to achieve some goals this year. Although I end up giving up halfway through! Must try harder !! Xx

  3. Great post! I know you'll go out and get 'em this year! Happy 2017! :))

  4. Instead of a goal, this year I am going to live by a word. I read an article on choosing a word for the year and decided that would work better for me. The article: And the word I've chosen is trust. I have done a lot trusting at the end of this year and it has led to a lot of wonderful things. It also helped me to let go of a relationship that no longer made sense. I'm looking forward to trusting more this new year.

  5. This is such a lovely post, good luck with your goals - especially Etsy! x

    Sick Chick Chic

  6. Such a lovely post to start the new year - don't you just love the opportunity and drive that a new year brings in!

  7. These are some great plans, wishing you all of the luck on reopening your Etsy store <3

    Mel ★

  8. I have absolutely loved following along with your little family's life this year and can't wait to see how the next year pans out for you all! Alice xx


*Forever Love*