A Scottish Dream

At the beginning of December Olive and I went on a wee adventure with my Mama to visit her new cottage in Scotland. A long bumpy track leads to her pretty little cottage, surrounded by woodland, situated in beautiful Glen Isla. The main point of the trip was to meet the removal van up there and 'assist' with furniture et al. I had a real vision of it being a cosy, relaxing little getaway but it turned out to be a chilly (but cosy), busy, productive visit instead.
It was a little silly of me to think how relaxing our trip could have been what with a 11 and half month baby in tow! I packed nail polish, magazines and books and the like! I think I managed to flick through one magazine during a nap time. Haha foolish Charlotte, foolish!
I didn't take too many snaps either, partly because I was in awe of every single moment and truly lived it for a change. I also haven't mastered paying my full attention on Olive whilst phone in hand.
^^^ Mama's cottage - Look at that glorious foresty view!!!

The weather was surprisingly warm (compared to how I imagined it would be) but Mother's cottage was freezing. It took a day or two to warm up with closed doors and storage heaters turned up high and sitting cross-legged in front of the log burner wrapped up in blankets like fluffy cocoons. Mother and I sipped lots of hot teas to warm our insides, she also bought some Laduree macarons to nibble on - which somehow banished the cold for a short moment in my excitement.
We spent the evenings sitting on makeshift furniture, wrapped in layers and blankets watching films; Bridget Jones & The Holiday (obviously!). We ate yummy pasta dishes, grazed on festive crisps and salted cashews and enjoyed white chocolate chip cookies. When our eyes got heavy we would creep upstairs to the cosy bedroom where Olive would sleep wonderfully and peacefully and climb under the bed covers. Then, when Olive stirred and woke in confusion I scooped her up and she snuggled between the two of us and we created the perfect 'sleepover' scene.
We had absolutely no phone signal at the cottage and as my mother hasn't fully moved in just yet there was no wifi either. That was quite difficult to accept, the fact I couldn't just call Sebastian or send him a little message or snap of Olive was so very hard. I quickly coped without social media and I secretly loved the involuntary 'detox'. I felt in control. I loved leaving my phone in the other room or not having to charge it every evening. It was blissful.
A few things I learnt from this trip, other than the fact I badly want to move to Scotland (as if I didn't know that already!), were useful life changing lessons for me. I don't need to look at my phone all the time, I don't need to photograph every single thing in sight to later use on social media. I can happily live in the moment and write those memories down and picture them in my head instead. I LOVE the peace and the slow way of living. No microwave, no toaster - using the oven for everything! Eating good food, drinking hot tea. Watching films beside the fire with blankets and no phone distractions.
I can cope without constant powerful heating -with layers and socks and indoor scarves and slippers. I don't need to wash my hair every day (lack of heating in the bathroom prevented me to strip out of my toasty clothes for a full shower every single day!).
^^^ Olive putting Nanny's 'Santa stop here' post up ready for Mama's next visit over Christmas.
I really wanted to take this mind set back home with me and carry it on, however it soon went back to normal until recently. I have decided to give it a go again. I want to spend less time on my phone and more time reading books. I want to live in the moment instead of seeing it through a phone screen. I want to slow down and take each moment as it comes, savouring it, enjoying it. I heard myself the other day telling Olive to "quick, hurry" because she was taking a little longer doing something when in reality everything else can wait!
Life is far too precious to go running double speed!!
My Mama is currently in Scotland as she spent her Christmas there, and the snow has been on and off these past few weeks. She regularly sends me snowy snaps of the quiet roads and the thick shimmery blankets that cover the garden. It looks magical. A perfect way to spend Christmas in my opinion. 
I hope that one day my little family and I can go up and stay one year at Christmas time. Board games by the fire, making garlands of pine cones collected from the woods, fresh casseroles on the stove and homemade biscuits in the oven, a wreath on the door. What a dream. A Scottish Christmas dream.

Have you been to Scotland? Are you fond of the peaceful atmosphere and snowy mountain tops like me?


  1. What a gorgeous house! I'm so jealous of your detox over Christmas too. I'm not quite there at the moment but I hope to build up to a phone free day each week later in the year.

  2. I've never been to Scotland despite my Scottish heritage! I must visit one day. I loved reading this post, it looks like the perfect trip (even if it was a little chilly!) x

    Sick Chick Chic

  3. Wow! It looks beautiful. I'd love to visit Scotland.



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