Christmas 2016

What better way to banish those post-Christmas blues than with a Christmas related post. Or just an excuse for me to catch up. How is it two weeks ago already?! Goodness me, time goes at super speed when you're a proper grown up.
Anyway... Christmas.
As soon as Olive and I were home from Scotland it was all go go with the festive preparations. Olive helped me choose and decorate the tree and for the first time in 6 years, we finally had a decoration for the very top.
In a traditional fashion, I popped on a Christmas film, warmed up the mince pies and slowly embellished the tree with glass baubles and other sparkly shaped decorations. Olive was running around my feet holding jingly bells and feeling pretty pleased with herself every time she took the wooden star off the lower branch (-this lasted pretty much the whole of December! That is until I gave in and just let her have it!!).
We spent afternoons listening to festive Frank and Jolly Nat King Cole on the record player - which is one of Olive's favourite things to do (no exaggeration! If you follow me on Instagram you may have spotted a few Insta-Stories of her excitedly bopping along to it!).
Last year I spent the whole month listening to festive tunes, watching Christmassy films and eating ALLL the delicious foods with my feet up, enjoying every kick and nudge from the tiny lady herself. Now I'm doing all the above with a nearly one year old - an excited and happy little lady.
However preparations for Christmas were a little too unorganised for my liking. I wasn't quite prepared for the amount I had to plan for Olive's birthday just three days before the big day. I do feel though that this time was a big learning curve and so this coming year I shall plan ahead, bake in advance and spend the year stocking up on gifts for the two separate occasions. I also really want to try and make mincemeat, spiced biscuits and other treats to give loved ones as gifts next year.
Christmas morning was spent as a family of three. After a few days of Birthday chaos and excitement we had a chilled morning of pain au chocolat, bucks fizz, and stockings. We sat cross legged beside the tree and opened gifts together before Olive napped. It was perfect. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Olive was a pro at opening gifts now and loved tearing up the shiny wrapping paper and throwing it across the room!
We spent the afternoon at my brother's house where we had dinner together and opened a few gifts between us. Olive decided she wasn't going to eat any of her yummy dinner but instead fill herself up on her uncle's Christmas pudding. Oh dear. A sweet tooth already!!
^^^ The Three Bears Elves

We had a wonderfully special day. We are all really looking forward to next year already. I can only imagine how excited Olive will be. It will be all the more magical, with advent, making wrapping paper and baking gifts together and perhaps she won't cry again when visiting Father Christmas. Haha. Is it too soon to countdown!? Never! (349 days... in case you DID want to know!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones, surrounded by twinkly lights and love.


  1. I love these photographs you took, it shows so much love. Shall we just reverse time and celebrate christmas again? I always feel like the new year comes way too soon. I'd love to have one more mince pie.

    Love, Eline |

  2. These pictures are so lovely!

    Rachael xx.

  3. What wonderful memories you are able to take away from this Christmas. Great photos too x x

  4. I just found your lovely blog recently on Bloglovin ��
    I'm from the US, but I love ❤️ just about everything English and/or British!
    It's rather difficult to explain, but of all the different blogs and genres in the blogosphere, yours is absolutely the most cozy and comforting I've found ��
    That is a compliment, by the way, in case you might be wondering ��

    1. Wow, that IS a compliment! Thank you so much. Cosy and comfort are both my middle names and my favourite pasttime! I hibernate in the Summer!! xxx


*Forever Love*