Kent // Lenham

Just before Christmas my sister-to-be and I took Olive to see the lights and decorations at a garden centre nearby, and on the way we stopped at a lovely little village for lunch.
Lenham isn't too far from home and it has everything you could possibly need in a village. A beautiful historic church, a wee post office, a greengrocers, a butchers, a bakery and a cute little tearoom. When can I move in!?!
The greengrocers' welcomed you with crates of fresh fruit and vegetables and clean chalkboard signs, which even had me (a pretty rubbish eater!) wanting to fill the brown paper bags with delicious healthy foods. Whilst my sister-to-be popped into the butchers to get a week's worth of dinners, Olive and I toddled along the cobbled streets peering into windows and admiring the flowers.
The quaint little village shop windows adorned twinkly fairy lights and the gorgeous houses along the road each hung a beautiful festive wreath.
We decided to stop for lunch in the little tearoom. We enjoyed a pot of tea with our toasted ham and cheese sandwich (me) and salad baguette (Amy) whilst Olive snacked on her pasta that I bought with us. The tearoom is a classic village style shop. A few of the elderly local were having their lunch ordering what sounded like their 'usual'!
We decided against a slice of cake and hopped back in the car to the garden centre, where Olive was 'Oh WOWW' at every flashing and twinkling light and every sparkling glass bauble. It was amazing.
We had a lovely festive day. I absolutely love stumbling upon new places in my little county. I do take Kent for granted sometimes, I think it's easy to do when I don't currently drive. There are so many lovely places to visit nearby and sometimes they are only accessible via a car. I should make more of an effort though.

Have you visited any hidden gems in your local area lately?


  1. Lenham is such a beautiful village isn't it Charlotte. I lived in Lenham Heath for a while and used to love walking in across the fields to get the Sunday papers. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.
    Julie x

  2. I think we are all guilty of forgetting what we have on our own doorsteps, always thinking further afield for exploring.
    Kent is a beautiful county though, so much to see and do but I agree a car does make it more accessible which is a shame.
    Pleased you had a lovely day though x x

  3. Sounds like the perfect day out! What a sweet little village :)


*Forever Love*